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Craftivist Collective is our passion and we love helping, supporting and inspiring people to pick up stitching in the name of social justice. However we do face a few financial constraints in doing so. Boring we know, but it means our monthly expenses sheet isn’t quite feeling the love in the way that we do.


Being pretty niche we don’t tick many funding boxes and getting around between talks, workshops and events that we run and participate in really adds up. We’re eager to stick to our guns on things like, staying independent and keeping our site a peaceful ad-free place to visit, but of course that means we miss out on the funding both can bring. We don’t want to stop working with small charities either, even though they don’t often have the budget to pay us.


We’d love to keep offering the same advice, project inspiration, curated content, workshops, talks etc, but it does demand a lot of unpaid hours. None of which we begrudge. Quite the opposite in fact.


So if you’ve been touched or inspired by the work we do; maybe attended a really useful workshop, received advice from us or enjoyed using one of our products, we’d ask you to consider making a modest donation. With your support, we’ll continue to strive to make a difference.


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Or email me if you have any questions.