#ShowTheLove this Valentines Day…

27 Jan #ShowTheLove this Valentines Day…

We are calling on Craftivist to #showthelove for our world this Valentines day. We’ve made special craftivism kits especially for this project you can get here. You can take part on your own or get together with friends to make your hearts for your sleeves, give the kit as a Valentines Day gift or even give a completed heart as a gift to your loved ones or politicians to encourage them to join the climate movement.




A historic global climate deal was reached in December 2015 in Paris. Thanks to those who of you who took part in making and wearing your green hearts on your sleeves #fortheloveof things we love that are or will be affected by global warming. Some of you even wore your hearts at climate marches happening across the world which was ace. You truly did help make this climate deal happen. It’s a rare and genuinely historic step forwards in tackling climate change together, around the world. More on the agreement is here.


For the love of people and places that are and could be affected by climate change, the Paris Agreement will make a huge difference. Now it’s time we have to bring the agreement home and put it into action…


Continuing our craftivism campaigning with The Climate Coalition help a 100% clean energy within a generation (it’s 100% possible!), we need your help this Valentine’s Day to keep the pressure on our governments and businesses to show love for our planet and everything in it and prove that they are implementing the climate deal.




Once again people across the world are coming together to turn hearts green and #showthelove for the people, places and life we want to protect for generations to come. Wear a heart for the fields where you walk, the foods you love, for the bluebells and bumblebees, for all those things we could lose.


Beautiful and intriguing, your handmade craftivism hearts really do make a difference. In February 2015 their loveliness helped millions of people connect to each other in the climate movement, helped create conversations around how we can all tackle climate change and visibly showed world leaders that we care and demand they create a strong climate deal in Paris in December 2015.





Make your green heart to wear and share this Valentines Day or even give your handmade heart as a Valentines present to a loved one (or politician!). We’ve made this new ethical craftivism kit with everything you need inside for the project including:

  • Felt heart and banner (made from post-consumer plastic bottles)
  • Fabric heart (upcycled from donated fabric)
  • Badge back
  • Embroidery thread
  • Needle
  • Instructions
  • Tips & message ideas
  • Craftivist Collective label
  • plus 2 free little gifts for you x

Use with courage and care.


Please don’t forget to share your progress, crafter-thoughts and final piece on your sleeve with us, fellow craftivists and others around the world on social media by tagging @Craftivists on Instagram, Twitter or Craftivist Collective on Facebook. We want as many people as possible to show their love for our gorgeous but fragile world and your crafted heart can be a great catalyst for conversation, thought and action. More information on this project is here www.craftivist-collective.com/fortheloveof 


Thanks for all of your support so far. xxx

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