Pick a craftivism project and join the gentle protest movement

When it comes to campaigning, it’s not always easy to know where to start. That’s why we’ve spend years developing a range of projects to help craftivists engage with a variety of issues in a meaningful and strategic way.

Each project can be done individually or as a group, and is designed not only to help you create a finished item but to reflect on the issues involved as you stitch.

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Craftivist Collective Dream-making project
Dream-making (11/4/2019) - Dreams inspire positive action. Be a change-maker not just a world-worrier.
Stitchable Change-makers (5/13/2015) - We know that changemakers aren’t super heroes; they’re just people who connect their values to their actions. Every single one of us has gifts and talents we can use to be the change we wish to see in the world. At key times we need to make time to slow down, keep a cool head & think critically about how we can be positive change makers.
completed Craftivist Footprint to place somewhere as a physical reminder to make a positive impact on the world and focus on your journey as a good global citizen
Footprints Kit (4/14/2015) - Helping you find the wisdom that inspires you to walk through life as the best global citizen you can be.
‘A Positive Note’ in collaboration with Mind, the mental health charity (all profits go to Mind) (7/3/2018) - Join in our craftivism project in collaboration with Mind, the mental health charity for England and Wales to send a positive message to your Member of Parliament (MP) encouraging your them to help improve the lives of people with mental health problems.
A Heart For Your Sleeve #fortheloveof… (9/18/2015) - A hand-stitched green heart can help us all protect us our beautiful world and secure a safer future for the next generation of crafters.
Speaking Out For Gender Equality (4/14/2015) - Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.
Mini Banner (4/14/2015) - Fly solidarity’s flag for those suffering as a result of the world’s injustices. Craft your own banner, turn heads and influence change.
‘Don’t Blow It’ Hanky (4/14/2015) - Sneak a message under the nose of someone who could seriously influence positive change and help them to do so. Instead of being an aggressive activist, be a critical friend. It's not only a loving thing to do, it can be more effective. 
Mini Fashion Statements (4/19/2016) - Make a fashion statement that inspires others to look for beauty that extends beyond the garment. Our only project that doesn't include stitching was first delivered during Stockholm Fashion Week and can be done by individuals and groups around the world any time of year.
solidarity bunting
Solidarity Bunting – Craftivism for Kids (7/23/2015) - We think that parents and kids will really enjoy this fun and inexpensive diy bunting project, which also gets kids thinking about how they can be in solidarity with people to improve our world.
Post-it reminders as part of Bystander Revolution challenge (10/24/2015) - Craftivists unite! We are proud to present our craftivism challenge to do as part of the global Bystander Revolution and show how to take the power out of bullying.
Christine’s Tomato Jam (4/14/2015) - This is a perfect project for Summer or Fairtrade Fortnight (Feb/March each year) plus it’s a great way to support Oxfam’s GROW campaign for a fairer world where everyone has enough to eat.
Alternative love letters and gifts (4/14/2015) - On Valentine’s Day or other occasions throughout the years we usually show our love by giving gifts to our beaus. But what about everyone else? Why not show love to your global neighbour – and encourage others to do the same – with our Valentines craftivism project?
Past Project for inspiration– A Railway Adventure (4/14/2015) - In 2011 we collaborated with Climate Rush and Campaign For Better Transport  for fair transport fares. We set up stitch-ins at train stations across the UK to hand-sew provocative petition bunting to present to the Transport Minister in the UK and then use at campaign events across the UK in the future to support the ongoing campaign.