Gentle Craftivist enamel badge


Badges have a long history in the protest movement as a way to raise awareness & show solidarity. Wear your enamel badge with pride & join the ‘gentle protest’ global Craftivist Collective movement. It could become a tool to meet other craftivists or cause a thoughtful conversation with someone who wants to know what a gentle craftivist is. Wear it on your coat, jumper, tshirt, hat, attach it to your pencil case, bag… you decide 🙂


All profits go to help sustain and grow the collective’s activities to engage people in craftivism and support people to be the change they wish to see in the world. Win win!

85 in stock

  • Printed metal badge
  • Butterfly Clutch (badge back)
  • 45mm width and 20mm tall
  • Climate Positive Accredited supplier
  • Made ethically in the UK
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