Capturing Crafterthoughts pencil


So what is a crafter-thought?

For us at the Craftivist Collective craftivism is about more than just the making; it’s about the thought behind the action. The mindful activism that connects our hands and  hearts with our heads  giving us the courage to grapple with big issues through deep contemplation.

We’ve got an affectionate term for the thoughts that influence our craftivism at every stage. We call them ‘crafter-thoughts’. Vital little things. They’re the seeds from which our learning and understanding of the world grows. Each one we jot down empowers us to be more effective in all that we do.

We believe that craftivism is about showing solidarity with those more vulnerable than us. It’s about challenging others and ourselves to be the best global citizens we can be and continuing to do so outside of our crafting. It’s about asking why injustices happen and what can be done to fix the rout causes. It’s about long-term answers and finding both our voice and purpose through the comfort of craft.


All ethically sourced from UK based suppliers. All stored and packaged up lovingly by founder Sarah Corbett in her little rented studio apartment in East London.


All profits go to help sustain and grow the Craftivist Collective’s ‘gentle protest’ activities to reach, nature and support  people to deliver effective, kind, gentle craftivism and be part of the positive change they wish to see in our fragile world world. Win win!


These pencils are the most environmentally friendly wood case pencils available.

Pencil Specification:

  • Graphite
  • Hexagonal
  • 2B
  • A pink eraser with gold (ooo fancy!) clamp.
  • Provided unsharpened
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