Canary Craftivists Manual (climate project)


Are you worried about global warming and anxious about taking part in large or loud forms of activism? If you’re more of an eco-worrier than eco-warrior then this manual is for you…


The Canary Craftivists project uses the soothing, thoughtful process of craft to help us channel feelings of sadness, anger or powerlessness into proactive, encouraging actions to make hope possible rather than despair convincing.


This manual explains the Why To (strategy) as well as the How To (craft projects) take part in this climate gentle protest wherever you are in the world. It includes patterns for hand-embroidery, cross-stitch, crochet, knitting, upcyling and more as well as photographers and honest experiences from Canary Craftivists who have already taken part to encourage you to join this community of kind, crafty Changemakers.


The Craftivist Collective has helped change laws, policies, hearts and minds around the world with quiet, compassionate and visually attractive activism using handicrafts. Join us in our ‘gentle protest’ to help our planet become a cleaner and greener home for all.


All purchases help the Craftivist Collective survive and thrive.


Why is this manual in print not an e-copy?

You can take part in this project here. Yet the priority of this timeless manual is to educate, inspire and empower readers to become effective and gentle climate campaigners. With that in mind here are the reasons for this print manual (all printed on recycled paper of course)


  1. A 2019 analysis by a Professor at the University of North Dakota found that people of all ages absorb more information when they’re reading directly than on screen. 
  2. Print is visually less demanding than digital text because it provides spatial and tactile cues to help readers process words on a page.
  3. Mindset’s often associate (consciously or subconsciously) screen time with casual web-surfing and are therefore more likely to rush through without fully absorbing the text. 
  4. The manual can be passed forward as a gift.
  5. All profits helps the Craftivist Collective survive and thrive in our Gentle Protest work around the world.


Available on backorder


Our Canary Craftivists Manual specifications:

  • A5 size
  • 216 pages
  • Colour
  • Printed on uncoated recycled paper
  • Cover printed on recycled silk card for durability
  • 148mm x 210mm x 24mm
  • Printed in the UK

More information about the climate project here

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