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How do I become a member of Craftivist Collective?

We are not a formal, closed group. Pick your tools and join the collective by sharing your process, comments, #crafterthoughts, and final piece online with friends and followers to provoke thought and conversation – be sure to tag us @craftivists on Twitter & Instagram so that we can share your work to inspire new and experienced craftivists too. You can also write for our blog series “My Craftivism” by emailing us and you can set up an event or even a regular group if you fancy it.

How do I set up a craftivist event?

Instructions, images and a little video are here to help you prepare and deliver your craftivism event whether it’s a small gathering, workshop or public performance ‘stitch-in’.

I'm a student, can someone from the Collective answer my questions?

We are a small social enterprise supporting craftivists around the world with free advice and support plus trying to stay afloat financially so we don’t have much free time sadly. But we have created this list of resources that should answer your questions

Why do I have to pay for a kit from you rather than just copy the project?

As well as providing the craft resources, our kits also provide essential and professional indepth instructions, tips and #crafterthought questions to reflect on whilst you craft. All these resources are vital to do effective craftivism. We are a small not-for-profit social enterprise, without your respect and support we cannot exist. You wouldn’t expect your local restaurant to provide you free tasty meals would you?

Can I set up a Craftivist group?

Of course you can! :) We recommend you call your group ‘[Location] Craftivists’ so that you have autonomy but are still part of the collective.

Are there any craftivists in my area?

It’s difficult to say but if you contact us on Twitter @craftivists we can try and connect you if we know of any.


Still need help? Contact us & we will do our best to support you


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