Could you be my Business Partner? This creative mind needs your business brain…

21 Oct Could you be my Business Partner? This creative mind needs your business brain…

Could you be my Business Partner to help take Craftivist Collective to the next level together?

Hi, I’m Sarah Corbett: Founder and Creative Director of the Craftivist Collective. Over the past twelve years, as a one woman band, I’ve grown our community organically into the award-winning not-for-profit it is today. I’m enormously proud to be engaging craftivists all over the world and helping change hearts, minds, policies and laws with our unique ‘Gentle Protest’ methodology. It’s been an incredible ride so far and the future’s looking bright. However, to help the collective continue to thrive… 

…this band needs a new member!

I’m looking for a business partner to work alongside me not below me. A business-savvy individual who can help our products and services reach even more people around the world to make positive impacts big and small. Someone with a background in helping to build sustainable effective organisations and who is passionate about ethical business. An experienced strategic thinker, adept at scaling up and spotting opportunities and structuring businesses for success. A doer not just an advisor. Basically, a left brain to my right.  

It’s important we DON’T share the same skill sets but DO share the same values. The same passion for ethical and purposeful business. The same desire to build a small yet mighty team focused on having the most positive global impact we can do delivered in a healthy, joyful way.

Sound like you?.. Great! Here’s a bit more about us

What is the Craftivist Collective?

I founded Craftivist Collective back in 2009 after being inundated with requests from people all over the world asking to join in with the beautiful, fair and kind types activism I was creating. Over the years this community has grown and I have honed my craftivism into a unique effective ‘Gentle Protest’ methodology that combines craft and activism to influence long-lasting change. And it works!

Today, through the Craftivist Collective I have created tried and tested tools, projects and services that offer individuals, groups and organisations around the world a chance to join in and embrace Gentle Protest too. As craftivists we use our minds to visualise a positive world, our hands to craft beauty that brings injustices to light, and our hearts to build bridges and critical friendships with influential decision makers. 

Our quiet craftivism can carry immense power. Craftivist Collective tools have been used to help make real, lasting change happen. From protesting garment workers’ wages with Fashion Revolution, to holding politicians accountable for better mental health with Mind the mental health charity; successfully encouraging Marks and Spencers to pay the real Living Wage to 50,000 of their staff, and helping WWF change a law in Spain to protect migrating birds. As a collective we have also supported parents in protesting against the levels of air pollution around local schools; I’ve helped create the new national UK Girl Guiding craftivism badge, our community have stood in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and carried out many other campaigns that have contributed to important change.

We focus on reaching people who are not already involved in or feel excluded from social change and look to carry out our Gentle Protest Craftivism in spaces where you would not necessarily expect to find it. We don’t aim to replace other forms of activism, we aim to provide new innovative tools to add to the activism toolkit that anyone can use.

Craftivist Collective is now the ‘go to place’ for Gentle Protest Craftivism. Our unique approach, tools and services continue to influence craftivists, campaign groups, charities, students and organisations globally. We are broadening people’s view on what activism can look like and attracting new change-makers who previously felt excluded. 

Key Achievements to date

The Craftivist Collective is a warm, welcoming hub that offers resources, encouragement and a sense of belonging to aspiring change-makers everywhere. Our reach and influence continues to grow as does the diversification of our audience. Craftivist Collective is more than a lifestyle brand. It weaves compassion, inclusivity and positivity through all its work. We’re open to all who share the desire to help make a happier, healthier, more harmonious world for all.

Here are some of our standout achievements with the Craftivist Collective to date that I want to build on:

  • Over 150 sensory events delivered to over 10,000 people directly in the last 3 years
  • Published two books with a third in the pipeline for 2021 (here)
  • Amassed over 50,000 active followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, organically
  • Achieved diverse media coverage including the homepage of BBC News, print features in The Guardian, The Times, featured on French TV and included in many books
  • Consulted and collaborated with national and international campaign organisations, museums, galleries, universities and a few ethical brands
  • Run countless workshops, events, seminars and spoken regularly at conferences, private and public talks around the world
  • Done the festival circuit and learnt never again to attempt to appear at 3 in the same weekend!

There is so much demand and potential for our products, services and support plus I have some exciting ideas to discuss with a colleague which is why the time to grow Craftivist Collective is now. And that starts with you.

Let’s build an ethical business together

I am looking for a Business Partner. Someone who will work alongside me, the Creative  Director, to transform Craftivist Collective from a one-woman operation into an agile, robust team with a global impact. Our skill sets need to be different but work together beautifully in tandem: a dream team of creativity and business acumen. This is an exciting opportunity to steer the Craftivist Collective ship somewhere new together and serve social change in a healthy, awe-inspiring fashion.

As Founder and Creative Director, I will take charge of product development, content production (physical tools and online resources), event production, collaborations, press, PR and also offer my services as an expert Gentle Protest and Craftivism consultant. 

However, I’m looking for a Partner to be Business Manager with a passion for sustainable, ethical business, a talent for seeking out commercial opportunities without losing our values and a nose for innovative strategic management. Together we’ll turn ideas into viable products and propel the Craftivist Collective to the places I can’t reach alone. 

I strongly believe in diversity, inclusivity, compassion and openness, and actively campaign against unjust discrimination. Therefore, I want to stress that this job offer is open to all who meet the professional experience requirements outlined below regardless of formal educational certifications. Applicants of all ages, gender identities, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds are warmly welcomed. 

The Role

Strategic and operational requirements

Track record that demonstrates growth of an idea into a sustainable business.

Skill to develop and implement business plans and growth strategies.

Capability to measure efficiency and effectiveness of internal and external operational processes. And, if necessary, make improvements.

Ability to raise capital through investment, grants, clients, customers, collaborations to help foster growth and reach sales goals.

Experience in building partnerships and leading sponsorship drives.

Proficiency in overseeing daily operations and making adjustments as necessary.

Ability to implement and evaluate sales plans.

Financial duties

Must be able to carry out budget forecasting and oversight.

Develop innovative cash-flow strategies. 

Implement a system for employee salaries and benefits. 

Tasks for the two of us

Carry out general staff management duties.

Motivate staff to meet or surpass organisational and sales goals

Recruit skilled talent and keep the best employees.

Ensure employees feel supported and valued.

Promote an open, collaborative working culture with an emphasis on good communication.


This is not a job application to be an employee of mine. It’s a career opportunity be a partner in shaping the Craftivist Collective together. With the wisdom and advice from a diverse group of experienced social enterprise and business experts we all agree that salary decisions are down to us to decide together as well as discussion on shares. We’ll need to pool our expertise and work together effectively as a partnership to pull in funding for both of our roles. Plus those of future team members or contractors that we hire. For employees in the future we will of course include salaries. This post is a very different context.

More info: 

Sarah Corbett on LinkedIn here and TEDTalk here

I am based in East London. It is not essential that you are a resident of London as long as you are able to do remote working and meet in person when needed. You will need to be UK based.

The position could start as a part time role whilst transitioning from your existing job and whilst we are fundraising and then we can discuss if the position could be four days a way, flexible hours etc. Everything is up for discussion.   

Next Steps: 

  1. Please send your CV to me at Sarah [at] Craftivist – Collective [dot] com along with an introductory letter outlining why you are interested in this role and how you would steer the Craftivist Collective forward.
  2. We set up an informal chat and take it from there.

Thank you for your interest in the Craftivist Collective. I look forward to hearing your proposals for shaping its future together.  

Yours faithfully

Sarah Corbett

Founder & Creative Director

  • Paul Phillips
    Posted at 10:10h, 23 September Reply

    Great Sarah,

    I’ll be sending you my CV and letter.
    Hope we can talk to see if there’s a fit.

    Brilliant work. Loved your slot on the radio this morning too.

    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 10:55h, 23 September Reply


  • Mariann
    Posted at 15:13h, 23 September Reply

    Really inspired by this..
    I’m in Bristol and would like to find others whom I can connect with about projects..
    Mari-Ann 🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 23:06h, 23 September Reply

      Hi Mari-Ann

      I’ve just searched online and can see a Bristol group on Twitter and facebook. Best to search and contact them directly. Also don’t forget that our kits and tools can be done alone or with friends, family or small groups to get you started too 🙂

  • Joanna Green
    Posted at 18:47h, 23 September Reply

    Hi Sarah, I’m so glad I caught you on the radio this morning – Craftivism is right up my street!

    I’ll be sending over my CV and covering letter ASAP. Thanks for your positive and inspiring work.

    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 19:19h, 23 September Reply

      Ooo exciting Joanne 🙂 x

  • Mrs F J Whelan-Wisloff
    Posted at 12:09h, 24 September Reply

    Hi. I am in Bristol and just texted Mari-Ann before I saw the bit about the Facebook page. I have worked as a Public Policy Researcher in Brussels, Westminster. Then in private sector and public sector in Bristol. I got diagnosed with a mental health condition 3 years ago which has been hard. However, I have just bought a house on Monday so looking forward to a new beginning. Gentle activism sounds just what I am ready for after I unpack all those boxes. Fiona WW

  • John Burleigh
    Posted at 22:56h, 26 September Reply

    Listened to Sarah Corbett in Four Thought this morning and liked the ‘gentle protest’ approach of craftivism..
    I would like to get in touch with her as I have a couple of projects I’d like to bring to the attention of Scottish Gov’t.
    I look forward to hearing from you

    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 12:49h, 01 October Reply

      Hi John. Please email me through the Contact Us page. I do receive a huge number of emails from people wanting me to create a campaign strategy for them, support or join their campaigns and create new campaigns and sadly I am just one woman so cannot do everything. I have created our projects, books and tools plus free manifesto and lots of talks and podcast interviews and more online that can help you with your craftivism plans

  • Barbara Taylor
    Posted at 08:37h, 15 October Reply

    I think I’ve found my niche in life

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