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06 Mar Mini protest banner in Liverpool Street station, London, May 2009

Sarah Corbett writes: I have been making mini protest banners on and off for the last few months and they have gradually formed a little pile in my craft suitcase (like Mary Poppin's bag but better!). I finally took a day off work last week, so I put up a few of my banners. This was my first sneaky guerilla crafting. It says 'Inequality = Conflict'. I made it last month but decided to put it up in Liverpool Street Station, London last week because there has been a bit of an incident there recently: the police blocked off this a few weeks ago for an advertising agency to film a flashmob for a company. However, soon after that an activist group wanted to do a flashmob there too but the police stopped them= inequality which led to a lot of tension and worries that a small riot might happen.
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01 Jan Cross-stitch graffiti: it says, “People over profit”

Sarah Corbett writes: So it looks like I am getting hooked on doing cross stitch graffiti pieces! This is my first xstitch graffiti piece I did in Liverpool, UK. I did it at 2am on a Monday in the centre of Liverpool: Wood Street. I thought, being so early on a Monday it was perfect timing because no one would be around. But I was wrong, there were drunken people and people still ready to party. Scousers are hardcore!
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20 Nov First attempt at cross-stitch graffiti

Sarah Corbett writes:First of all, bear in mind that this is my first ever cross stitch graffiti piece so I went for something quick and easy. It's supposed to say 'I hate dirty money' hence the smelly squiggly lines above the pound sign. I did this about 3 months ago. Its done with thick wool and you can find it at the top of Brick Lane on Bethnal Green road, London, England.
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