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07 Aug Introducing somewhereto_

We are very picky with what we promote but when we were sent information about this new project we wanted to make sure all of our craftivists and crafty friends knew about it. It's a nationwide project to help young people find the space they need to do the things they love, within sport, culture and the arts. If you knew any young craftivists or just super creative youngsters please let them know about this. They can find space for one of them or up to 200 of them! Some of our younger craftivists (and some of our craftivists who still see themselves as young!) are going to apply to find a space to create some fence-stitching/cross-stitch-graffiti in large panels to then place around our local area.
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29 Jul another amazing piece of artivism by craftivist Carrie Reichardt

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/26965269 w=400&h=215] Mary Bamber: A Revolutionary Woman from Reel News on Vimeo. Artist, ceramist, activist and craftivist Carrie Reichardt has been part of the Craftivist Collective for the past few years stitching our projects with us as well as giving us support and encouragement. We love her political artwork and this is no exception.
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18 Jul How Chilean women utilised traditional hand craft to open the worlds eyes to Pinochet’s brutal regime.

By craftivist and writer Hannah Bullivant I first saw images of Arpilleras (or pretty wall hangings as I referred to them then) online years ago and I immediately warmed to the colours, the charming handmade style and the simple childlike imagery. That’s it. That’s was about as far as it got. Separately, I learned about the Pinochet regime in school, but I didn’t connect the regime with the Arpilleras until much later and it wasn’t until after that that I became aware of the incredible bravery and determination of the women who used Arpilleras to resist Pinochet’s dictatorship and raise international awareness of the systematic human rights abuses perpetrated by the Chilean Junta. An amazing and harrowing chapter of the craftivist story. Life in our Poor Neighborhood. “This was created as a result of a workshop run by a nun, Sister Carolina.  Created towards the end of the dictatorship, it portrays life in the community— both the good and bad parts. The scene is happier than those created in the midst of the dictatorship.  Though the people are still poor and unable to afford their own electricity (note the wires tapping into the main power line), they are happier, celebrating all the comings and goings of life”
A brief history lesson for those of us who might appreciate a refresher; General Pinochet came to power in Chile after forcibly overthrowing the socialist President Allende in 1973. He governed until 1990 in what became a bloody, abusive and dictatorial rule of terror.
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25 Jun Join Robin Hood and his merry craftivists for French TV!

Where: Paper Dress Boutique, London. When: Wednesday 20th July 6:30pm-9pm. RSVP: craftivist-collective[at]hotmail[dot]com. 20 people max Cost: £3 Why are we doing this one off event? We are still angry with the vast inequality in the world: the impacted of the recession are hitting everyone harder every day yet the bank are slowing getting attacked less and less. And the French TV Channel called Canal+ wants to film a craftivism session and we thought it was a great opportunity to raise awareness of UK anger towards the banks, show our support for the Robin Hood Tax (which the French Finance Minister has already publically supported)
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12 May our Train Bunting petition being used to challenge Transport Secretary Philip Hammond

12 May: It’s been one year since the new Coalition government pledged to make fares fair. So today, with Better Transport campaigners we presented Transport Secretary Philip Hammond with a giant hand-stitched fair fares petition, and asked him to keep his promise. Find a video of the day here made by Marc of Vision TV
Bright and early this morning, we were joined by Fair Fares Now campaigners and Climate Rushettes at a protest outside a key rail industry conference in London.
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09 May Barbie provoking conversations on gender inequality

Another project for you to do wherever you are in the world at any time: Written by Craftivist Hannah Griffiths:  We have put this barbie up to raise awareness of maternal health issues in the global south but you could link it to another gender issue you are passionate about. There are so many international days, even the International Talk like a Pirate Day that the International Day of the Midwife sounds like just another pointless event doesn’t it? But this year over 536,000 women will die of pregnancy-related complications. The majority of these deaths occur in developing countries. Medically trained midwives could help to prevent this.
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