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25 Apr Thoughtful article on the Craftivist Collective in HUCK magazine. Issue out now.

ImageAs if being featured in the March issue of Oh Comely magazine (a firm favourite with London craftivists Margo, Sarah C, Sarah H and Hannah K) wasn’t enough, there is a great article on the Craftivist Collective in the latest issue of HUCK magazine.  HUCK is a bi-montly lifestyle magazine rooted in surf, skate and snowboarding, which reports on “social movements, emerging scenes and new thoughts and ideas that are having an impact on the world”.  It also happens to be one of Sarah C’s top 3 magazines, which for a self-confessed magazine and zine geek is a pretty big deal!
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26 Mar Hear me (SC) nervously on Radio Gorgeous talking about craftivism- eek! :s

In February we got an email from the lovely Beth Farrow who is a producer at Radio Gorgeous asking if I (Sarah C) could go in to their studio and have a 20 minute interview about craftivism and the Craftivist Collective. 20 minutes felt like such a long time but Beth was so lovely in her emails and really keen for their listeners to hear about craftivism and what we are up to. The description of the station is: "Radio Gorgeous is the radio show where women do the talking. Women's voices on culture, comedy, style, society and wellbeing.  On Radio Gorgeous you'll only hear women's voices - redressing the male bias in mainstream media with a little positive discrimination." So I nervously said yup I'll go on because it seemed like such a great platform to share craftivism with a new audience. So....
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