01 Feb Embroidered vaginas

On Thursday 21st January 2010 the Craftivist Collective had their monthly meeting in the London Southbank Royal Festival Hall cafe 6:30pm onwards. This time we joined forces with the beautiful, talented and passionate activists the Shoreditch Sisters (who are a Womens Institute group) to get as many people as possible to create beautiful vaginas to make people aware of the issue of Female Genital Cutting, 'designer vaginas' and the stigma and disgust people have for our natural organs.
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07 Nov Peace doves not swallows

Ahhh, the joys of Shrink Plastic:) I made these dove badges. I see quite a few people with swallow tattoos on their chests or hoodies with them on and I really like the placement of them. However, I am not quite sure of the meaning behind the swallows. I think it relates back to the Navy. Lots of tattoos and alternative images such as swallows in this placement seem to refer to violence (army, navy, guns, daggers etc) so i wanted to turn that on its head and to doves instead. Doves represent peace and the colour of white makes me think of innocence and purity too. I get asked sometimes why i have doves and its a great opportunity to talk about peace and actively searching for it (hence the green leaf in their mouths that link to the biblical story of Noah's Ark).
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