23 Jan LOVE FROM THE EARTH: Another valentines letter template option from Craftivist Jane Bartlett

At the London Craftivism evening in Tatty Devine's shop last Thursday (more info here) a lovely craftivist called Jane attended her first Craftivist Collective meeting. Jane emailed us to book a place and came along with so much energy, enthusiasm and positivity - she fitted in with the rest of the group perfectly.

After the meeting Jane emailed us another option for a valentines card. It was so beautiful we wanted to share it with you. If you want to use Jane's letter (below) instead of the template you can find here then please do. Alternatively you could write your own but please make sure it fits in with our manifesto and climate change.

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20 Jan Photos from tonight’s Tatty Devine workshop

Here are some photos from tonight's workshop at Tatty Devine in London - a few Craftivists met up to work through our Valentine's Day project together and create some beautiful shrink-wrapped keyrings, which we will then put into alternative love letters encouraging people to show some love to their global neighbours - posted around the city on February 14th this year. Click through to see more photos from tonight, and keep checking back for more as we upload them. To learn how to make your own love letters, and contribute to our worldwide project yourself, click here.  
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09 Jan Crafting onstage with Josie Long: a review by Margo

Josie Long is not your everyday comedic superstar. In her most recent show, Be Honourable! she celebrated porridge with religious fervour, did a stellar Nye Bevan impersonation, and told a hilarious and faintly disturbing story about a deranged paparazzo. But she also did a rare and noble thing, and introduced passionate political commentary to her act. Inspired by the election results and consequent turmoil of broken promises, cuts, and protests, Josie decided to become more politically active, and documented her progress as an activist.
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01 Jan Help us hijack Valentines Day in 2011

Each year we try and hijack valentines day and remind people to "Show some love" for their global neighbours as well as the usual smushy stuff. We want you to join in our craftivism project this year please. This year we hope to have people all over the globe make as many cards as they can and leave them around their area on Valentines day. In the last 2 years we have left 100 letters around Liverpool and London (see photos here). Each letter will contain an alternative valentine’s letter (see template letter here), a handmade gift that Tatty Devine are designing for us (see design here) and a love heartsweet. Hand delivered to gaps in walls, cash machine slots, shop shelves etc- You don’t have to be in a relationship to have one of these!
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