Author: Craftivist Collective

19 Jul United Underground: our biggest event so far!

On Saturday 18th July 2009 we were asked by the group United Underground to have a 'Craftivism Corner' at their event taking place across the spaces of Southbank Centre's Queen Elizabeth Hall - including the re-opening of the roof as a venue space. This was a huge deal for us. We were given a small budget by the organisation for resources, they paid for all the advertising and it was mentioned in the London Paper under the events section.
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04 Jun Making ethical cupcakes with justice messages on to sell for charity

In June 2009, members of the Craftivist Collective met to make ethical cupcakes, and finish them off with homemade flags with development thoughts on them. Half the cakes where lemon flavoured so had on the flags on one side saying "fairtrade lemon gluten free cakes". And on the other "Dont let injustice leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Take action against it". The chocolate flavoured cakes said 'Gluten free fairtrade chocolate cakes" on one side and the other said said "Most cocoa farmers will never get the chance to afford to experience the taste of chocolate".
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08 Mar Mini protest banner at Bank station, London, July 2009

Mini Protest Banner at Bank tube station, London July 2009. Sarah Corbett writes: I tend to steal quotes for my mini banners from postcards I bought from a radical independant bookshop in Liverpool called News From Nowhere (= check it out!). They include quotes from Ghandi, Dali Lama, Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Teresa, Swedish proverbs etc. However this mini banner is a quote my mum came up with :)
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