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02 Nov Spanish Craftivist in Liverpool shares her passion for justice

Maite Puntes came along to a craftivist workshop led by our Founder Sarah Corbett in Liverpool in October. Maite has recently moved to Liverpool from Spain and was keen to get to know like-minded people as well as create something to provoke people to think about injustice issues she cares about. She kindly emailed us a photograph of her completed Mini Protest Banner with an explanation of it below. If you have made a mini protest banner (you can buy our kits here) we would love to showcase it here to provoke discussion about it and so people who find it in situ can find out more information about your cause in your blog here! :) Maite Puntes wrote: "The most extreme face of male violence is the murder of women. In my country, Spain, it´s not just a social problem; in this year 2011, 52 women have been murdered by their partners or ex partners. This number hiddens the fact that thousand women are battered in many ways everyday.
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01 Nov Plymouth talk on “Craft for Campaigning and Training”

We really love getting emails from people around the world who have stumbled across us on line, in person or seen one of our guerrilla craftivism pieces in their community and decide to email us say they like what we are doing. It's really encouraging and we love to hear what other crafty activists are up to and highlight it on this website to inspire others . Katie contacted us to let us know of the crafty campaigns workshop she delivered and how it went. Thanks Katie! :) x "I work for a national campaigning organisation, specifically an educational campaigning organisation that’s been in the news a fair bit over the last 12 months. Most of the time I love my job, especially when it comes to working with really amazing and inspiring young campaigners or being surrounded by like minded individuals; however what I love more than my job is making stuff and the craft group I’ve been running in Plymouth for the last 3 years. So by some odd twist of fate I got invited to run a workshop on ‘Craft for Campaigning and Training’ at our last staff training day. After a brief ‘oh my god how to I make this session not sound like I’m just someone with a wool fetish’ moment, I had a bit of a trawl through the internet and came across the work of the Craftivist Collective, which was, well, mightily exciting and confirmed my longstanding belief that rude notes highlighting bad practise for the likes of some retailers are definitely best delivered via cross stitch.
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28 Sep Craftivism workshop at a Liverpool arts collective: Saturday 15th October- all are welcome

The lovely artists at The Royal Standard have invited our Founder Sarah Corbett who is from Liverpool to deliver a Mini Protest Banner workshop in their studios on Saturday 15th October 1pm-4pm. The arts collective have been supporters of the collective and Sarah for many years and have invited members of Tate Liverpool to join in as well as local artists and residents. If you are in Liverpool around that time please do join us and look out across the city for mini protest banners cable-tied around lamposts and railings with provocative slogans and facts about injustice stitched into them. All are welcome and it will involve a talk about the collective and craftivism and then a workshop. This is a free workshop but any donation to go with resource costs would be welcomed.
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20 Sep Cross Stitch Graffiti at London Fashion Weekend 2011

To mark London Fashion Weekend 2011, we are asking you to join us in creating handmade Mini Protest Banners aimed at exposing the ugly side of fashion. We hope to see you 2pm-3pm Saturday 24th September at the Richmix for our workshop. Using Mini Protest Banners, we hope to make people think about the side of the fashion that is often too easily dismissed by the industry in a non-threatening but challenging way during the fashionista’s calendar annual highlight.
For the past 2 years they have been tied up to lamp-posts, railings, and buildings near fashion hotspots to provoke people to care about their global neighbours on the other side of the global fashion industry. This year we want you to join us. One banner compares the £3million which supermodel Kate Moss received from Topshop from a collection with the meagre 21 pence an hour earned by workers in Mauritius who produced clothes for the range.  Another banner contracts the lowest paid for the week's models, £125 an hour, with the paltry £25 a month for most Vietnamese garment workers. 
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20 Sep Teaching 100 young climate activists in Manchester how to be craftivists

We have always been big fans of UKYCC which was set up by a small group of young people passionate about climate justice and determined to get other young people to help them make a positive change whilst there is still time. They contacted us this year to deliver a workshop to 100 of their fellow young climate activists at their Manchester Conference: Powershift. Immediately we knew we wanted to get them to get involved in our Don't Blow It craftivism online pharmacy canada project and link it to their fight for climate justice. They will be in Manchester at the time of the Conservative Party Conference.
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