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15 Dec We agree with Godmother of Craftivism: Betsy Greer

Betsy Greer coined the term 'Craftivism' in 2003 and from the start we have always checked in with Betsy to make sure our projects are still a form of craftivism and not something else (like upcycling or just craft). She is an amazing supporter, adviser and friend as well as a huge inspiration for our craftivists. One of the many talents Betsy has is explaining acts of craftivism in a clear and concise way (much better than us, sorry!) so when she blogged about a Facebook post we send regarding the print (above) we sold we really wanted to share her thoughtful words with you. Her blog also explains why we don't prioritise going to Occupations to do craftivism stitch-ins even though people presume we should be there.

Craftivism is starting a conversation

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09 Dec The next stage of our craftivism adventure… what do you think?

Hey craftivistas, supporters and people who might have found this blog by accident. I hope you are all well and happy. Sarah Corbett here. I haven't written a personal blog for quite a long time now and so much has been going on I wanted to share it with you and get your thoughts. So... As you know I'm much better at creating images than words so I thought I would start off with this photo (there's me- person in the left of the picture!) to let you know that I'm going down to part time in my job from mid January 2012 so that I can turn the collective into a social enterprise (eek!).
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05 Nov Give your friends/family a gift from the Craftivist Collective this Christmas (if you HAVE to buy presents that is!)

Giving an original gift from our online shop this Christmas is a fantastic way to highlight global injustice in a fun and hands-on way over the Christmas period. So as you have probably guessed, we love making things and try our hardest not to buy stuff we don't need. Therefore we are encouraging fellow craftivists and supporters not to buy unethical gifts or feel the pressure into showing your love for your family and friends through buying them stuff they don't need (and sometimes they don't want!). But... hopefully this doesn't come across contradictory... if you really do need to buy people presents then why not take it as an opportunity to provoke conversation about injustice over your Christmas period buy giving them one of our gifts and/or give them a craftivism kit to make during their time off work and become a Craftivist in 2012?!
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