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26 Mar Hear me (SC) nervously on Radio Gorgeous talking about craftivism- eek! :s

In February we got an email from the lovely Beth Farrow who is a producer at Radio Gorgeous asking if I (Sarah C) could go in to their studio and have a 20 minute interview about craftivism and the Craftivist Collective. 20 minutes felt like such a long time but Beth was so lovely in her emails and really keen for their listeners to hear about craftivism and what we are up to. The description of the station is: "Radio Gorgeous is the radio show where women do the talking. Women's voices on culture, comedy, style, society and wellbeing.  On Radio Gorgeous you'll only hear women's voices - redressing the male bias in mainstream media with a little positive discrimination." So I nervously said yup I'll go on because it seemed like such a great platform to share craftivism with a new audience. So....
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27 Feb London Craftivists experience of making alternative Valentines Cards on a snowy day in a craft shop’s basement

Craftivist Vicky Tedder writes: On a cold February day the Craftivist Collective gave a warm welcome to encourage us to show the world our love. Meeting in the stylish basement of Fabrications there was a fun and relaxed event which allowed us to think about what we want to do to improve our world whilst encouraging others to do the same, oh and having lots of fun with a heat gun! This valentines project involved using shrink plastic to make key rings as valentines presents which were then left for strangers find along with a letter encouraging them to show a little more love to the world this valentine’s day rather than just a significant other.
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26 Feb Craftivist Safiya’s first Mini Protest Banner in Bedford Town Centre

Safiya writes:

I was watching the news the other day. After reporting on the humanitarian crisis in Syria and another European economy collapse, there was a piece on a young woman of a similar age to myself. She had been kept prisoner in a house in the UK for a number of years and been repeatedly raped and tortured. I had to turn the TV off. I just couldn’t believe that I lived in a world where these sorts of things happen in the first place, are then reported on the news almost as if it’s entertainment, and there’s very little I can do about it.
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06 Feb Lets hijack valentines!

Words by Barley Massey, the owner of craft shop Fabrications, London: A giant love letter has elegantly floated into Fabrications window this month in time for Valentines day. It is stopping passers by in their tracks, my favorite reaction was 2 small boys who stood, pointed and smiled lots. They ran off and brought back their parents to read it - brilliant! Keep recruiting boys!!
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06 Feb Nikki Shaill reviews our first ticketed workshop of 2012:

Amongst the rails of rainbow-coloured vintage clothes and to the soothing sounds of a live band playing Dr Who and Crimewatch theme song sax solos, around 20 of us gathered at the Paper Dress shop for an evening workshop of hanky panky stitching as part of Craftivist Collective’s  ‘Don’t Blow It’ campaign. A truly unconventional way to start of the year and beat the winter blues, I love the fact that whilst we were all enjoying doing something a bit different we could be encouraged that our stitching could help make a difference in the world.
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30 Jan Join us in hijacking Valentines Day 2012

There are so many distractions wherever we live, particularly on Valentines Day. Our craftivism Valentines project is a friendly reminder of the difficult circumstances our global neighbours are in and the gifts are there to encourage a conversation to start even after Valentine’s Day. Each year we try and hijack valentines day and remind people to “Show some love” for their global neighbours as well as the usual smushy stuff. We would love it if you joined in our craftivism project this year. For the last 3 years we have had people all over the globe make as many cards as they can and leave them around their area on Valentines day. Each includes a handmade keyring designed by cult jewellers Tatty Devine. In the last 3 years we have left 100 letters across the UK (London, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Banger, Newcastle, Cornwall, Coventry and more- see photos here) as well as America and Canada. Each letter will contain an alternative valentine’s letter (see template letter here), a handmade gift that Tatty Devine are designing for us (see design here) and a love heart sweet. Hand delivered to gaps in walls, cash machine slots, shop shelves etc- You don’t have to be in a relationship to have one of these!
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