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30 May Jamming with our Tomato Jam Craftivism Project

This is a perfect project for Summer and Fairtrade Fortnight (Feb/March) plus it's a great way to support Oxfam’s GROW campaign for a fairer world where everyone has enough to eat. Tomato Jam: Inspired by a recipe our founder, Sarah Corbett, received from a lady in Kenya, this project involves making tomato jam, stitching a fabric lid cover with a message in support of Oxfam’s Grow campaign, and using it as a way to speak to people about the world’s unfair food system.      
We love craft so are using that as a tool to be the change we wish to see in the world. You can use whatever you’re good to be part of the solution to social injustice rather than part of the problem.
Craft is a time for reflection and so this project encourages you to make time in our busy lives to stop and think about how the way we grow and share our food doesn’t work. There’s more than enough food for everybody, but a billion of us don’t have enough to eat. That means one in seven of us goes to bed hungry, every night, no matter how hard we work. That’s not fair play but it doesn’t have to be this way.” The summer craftivism jam project was inspired by a Kenyan woman called Christine
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29 May An inspiring story of community craftivism

Image A while ago a photo popped up on the CC facebook page from a lady called Lolo Margaret Jackson.  The photo was of handmade bunting tied to railings, with stitched letters spelling out the message ‘You are loved’. Similar to the 'become who you are' bunting Sarah C made back in 2011. Then Laura got in touch to send us her inspiring story behind the bunting.  So here it is… You Are Loved - The Story “Around 10 years ago a small group of people starting living out the belief that
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25 Apr Thoughtful article on the Craftivist Collective in HUCK magazine. Issue out now.

ImageAs if being featured in the March issue of Oh Comely magazine (a firm favourite with London craftivists Margo, Sarah C, Sarah H and Hannah K) wasn’t enough, there is a great article on the Craftivist Collective in the latest issue of HUCK magazine.  HUCK is a bi-montly lifestyle magazine rooted in surf, skate and snowboarding, which reports on “social movements, emerging scenes and new thoughts and ideas that are having an impact on the world”.  It also happens to be one of Sarah C’s top 3 magazines, which for a self-confessed magazine and zine geek is a pretty big deal!
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02 Apr Manchester women campaign creatively to celebrate the value of women’s work

Written by craftivist Lorna McBride: In the run up to International Women’s Day Manchester campaigners celebrated the value of women’s work in society, by making a colourful public washing line to hang in Manchester city centre. Dozens of women from The Pankhurst Centre and Women Asylum Seekers Together (WAST) came together to take part in Craftivist workshops, organized by Oxfam’s UK Poverty Program and facilitated by the Craftivist Collective’s Sarah Corbett.  The women wanted to make a statement about the importance of the work women do in their daily lives, which is often forgotten by society.  
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29 Mar Fabrications shows the beautify in eco-design and ethical craft

photographs of the basement craft area and shop display cabinet selling many of our crafivism products (kits, postcards, badges, gift cards, flyers and one example of a Mini Protest Banner at the top) We recently delivered a Mini Protest Banner workshop at Fabrications craft shop in Hackney London and loved the new workshop space, ethos of the shop and the owner! So much so we are going to work together again in June and September to deliver 2 more craftivism workshops (find them on the events page here) in this beautiful space.Fabrications are also selling our products in the shop and often have crafivism themed window displays before our workshops and events. Fabrications is an independent gallery, shop and studio dedicated to contemporary textile practise and design, with a particular interest in upcycling and eco design. 
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