We have contributed to the ‘Do You Buy This?’ exhibition, London 2023

31 Jul We have contributed to the ‘Do You Buy This?’ exhibition, London 2023

We have been invited to exhibit a completed Malala ‘Stitchable Changemaker’ letterpress printed craftivism card alongside the ethical kit we produce with The Letterpress Collective in Bristol UK in this new exhibition.

Do You Buy This? showcases commodified feminist objects, considering the duality between critiquing corporate cooption and supporting feminist practice. Audiences are encouraged to explore the complexities of operating in a capitalist system and exercising spending power in feminist ways.

Exhibiting commodities that have been produced in corporate environments, alongside works created by independent artists. All works have been sold or are intended for sale and all explore feminism, especially the intersectional focus of its fourth wave.

Craftivist Collective Stitchable Changemaker craftivism kit

Students of the History of Design MA Programme at the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Royal College of Art (Amber Kim, Cas Bradbeer, Sufiyeh Hadian and Zarna Hart) have curated this showcase, selecting a broad range of commodified fourth-wave feminist objects made from 2012 to the present day.

“Our aim as curators is to explore financially supporting feminist practice while remaining critical of the capitalist commodification of feminism. We invite our visitors to engage with this discourse.”

Zarna Hart, Cas Bradbeer, Sufiyeh Hadian and Amber Kim

Housed at Ugly Duck, on the ground floor of their Victorian warehouse, the exhibition will further their commitment to support under-represented voices and emerging artists.

Visit www.doyoubuythis.com for more information, or contact doyoubuythis@gmail.com

Key Dates

  • 3rd August, 6-9pm – Private View
  • 4th August, 12-8pm – Open, including a Curators’ Tour
  • 5th August, 12-8pm – Open, including a zine workshop with Holly Casio
  • 6th August, 12-6pm – Open, including a tile painting workshop with Rebecca Wise

This exhibition has been developed with the support of Ugly Duck. It is funded by the History of Design MA’s Student-Led Project Fund, in addition to the Design History Society’s Research Exhibition Grant.

Exhibition 3rd – 6th August 2023
Ugly Duck, 49 Tanner Street, London, SE1 3PL Free tickets at www.tinyurl.com/dybttickets #DoYouBuyThis @doyoubuythis

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