Crafterthought questions for Canary Craftivists

04 Jun Crafterthought questions for Canary Craftivists


At Craftivist Collective, craftivism is more than just the making and the final creation; it’s about the thought behind the action. The mindful activism that connects our hands and hearts with our heads gives us the courage to grapple with big issues through deep contemplation. We’ve got an affectionate term for the thoughts that influence our craftivism at every stage. These ‘crafter-thoughts’ are vital little things. They’re seeds from which our learning and understanding of the world grows. Each one we jot down empowers us to be more effective in all that we do. Why not help make the world a better place one stitch at a time by using craft as a way to engage people in global issues to think, act and be the change they wish to see in the world.

Use the slow stitch-by-stitch nature of craft to help you consider the complexities of injustices. The crafter-thoughts linked to our #CanaryCraftivists campaign are listed below. More about them in our campaign page here 

1. What do you enjoy about your favourite green space in your area? 

2. Where do you think you might be able to reduce your own carbon emissions to protect our world?

3. Imagine you are a politician: how would you feel about receiving a beautiful, handmade yellow canary from a constituent? 


  • Crafterthought instrumental music playlist here
  • Climate podcast episodes playlist that are educational, inspiring and empowering

You can discuss your craferthoughts in your small flock whilst making your canary for your MP.
You could reflect on our crafterthought questions alone at home. It’s up to you 🙂

All Canary Craftivists campaign information here and more free canary patterns here.

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