Our status during the Corona Pandemic

25 May Our status during the Corona Pandemic

During this time of self-isolation I hope you are feeling physically healthy, mentally well and supported by loved ones. Many of you have asked how I’m doing personally and also what the Craftivist Collective is up to. Thank you for your concern and eagerness to keep up your Gentle Protest craftivism journey. Below is what I, Sarah can currently offer within my own limitations. The post will be updated if/when needed:

All future offline events cancelled/postponed

We have lost a lot income and therefore had to pause, delay and rethink our own future plans. Thank you so much for everyone who gave a donation, became a new #AdoptACraftivist patron and increased their monthly support to help me pay my rent, essential bills and keep the collective surviving and thriving. With your support I can continue to give talks to groups via zoom and mentor craftivists around the world in their own gentle protest campaigns. If you can offer financial support at this difficult time it would be a huge help. More info here: www.craftivist-collective.com/adopt-a-craftivist

My personal status

As most of you know, I run the Craftivist Collective from my little East London studio apartment that I live and work in alone. For the first 6 weeks of lockdown I stayed with a friend outside of London during the Corona Virus pandemic. I knew that my mental and physical health would suffer being a single woman alone in a small apartment in central London with no outdoor space or balcony and in a build-up environment with no views of nature. I also hoped I could be a help to my friend who has just had a big operation. And I have more than enough work to do on my laptop wherever I am. Thank you for your understanding and patience. It was a hard decision and meant I could not make craftivism objects I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity I had been given to access my friend’s garden, hang out with her dog (free therapy!), support each other at this unprecedented time in history and rise to the challenge of not being too much of a pain to her teenage sons!;p

Craftivism orders delivery status:

I am posting orders at my local post office twice a week to anywhere in the world. Some products are currently out of stock and I have placed orders for the ethical supplies I need to make the products. However it is unclear when the supplies will arrive. You can still place a backorder and you will receive your order in the future with some surprise gifts as a thank you for your understanding, support and patience. If anyone who ordered gifts for other people please do let me know a message you would like in the card for your loved one 🙂 For anyone who orders our kits I will email you the instruction PDFs within 3 days so that you can make a start if you can source ethical craft materials elsewhere.

Opportunity to support amazing small businesses on your craftivism journey:

If you would like a signed copy of How To Be A Craftivist: the art of gentle protest you can order them from the below shops who are worth supporting regardless:

And if you would like to get hold of our kits and other tools urgently then please do contact the lovely stockists who may be able to deliver them to you from their stock:

What I can offer

I will continue to support individuals, groups and organisations where I can have most impact to help with their craftivism work through email, calls and video chats and analysis trends to help me know what new resources to create for the whole collective that are in demand. I will continue to do important behind-the-scenes climate craftivism preparations alongside long-term proactive building of the collective and our resources to be a strong and sustainable organisation that can grow in a healthy way to reach more people and create more real positive change.

Always more than enough gentle protest craftivism work to do wherever I am 🙂

Some exciting (geeky) updates:

  • I have just finished all the work needed with our lawyers for Craftivist Collective to apply to become a UK registered educational charity (more info here). We expect questions back from the UK Charity Commission to answer and the process before success can take a few months before we get final results.
  • I’m at the end of a rigorous Transformational Index report on how we will measure our impact from when we become a charity – I am excited to share the results with you in the coming months which can also help your own craftivism strategic planning and impact measuring.
  • I’ve just started a 2 year fellowship with ‘A Million Realities’ which comes with the incredible opportunity to focus half of my time for the next few months on strategic, development and structural work and I’m grabbing that opportunity with both hands knowing this will help us have even more impact in the long term and also help my own wellbeing so that I don’t burn out. This means that I will be quieter on social media emails for the next few months to do this investment work with a tough mind and tender heart.

Support is still available:

As well as our kits, tools and books, ebook; our website and social media platforms is full of more free resources for you to use from our Manifesto to case studies to learn from, videos long and short to watch on our YouTube Channel, podcast interviews to listen to and more. Here is a good place to start or progress you on your gentle craftivism journey and hone your skill in gentle craftivism.

Be the tortoise

We are living through an unprecedented time. I’m receiving a lot of messages from people with their new craftivism ideas to discuss, actions they want to take in self-isolation. My advice is always to be the tortoise: First of all allow yourself to feel and sit with any emotion you are feeling. It is allowed and it will pass. Then ask yourself if your biggest motivation for your craftivism action is to distract yourself from your worries and stay busy which might cause problems for your own health. During this time, your priority is protecting yourself (which protect others) from Corona Virus. Therefore please give yourself permission to – where possible – rest, slow down, eat well, exercise responsibly, create healthy structure each day for your mental health and use this opportunity for some self love before offering it out to others. This isn’t being selfish, it’s being sensible. Then be careful to deliver your craftivism actions with a clear strategy, thoughtful methodology, compassionate considerations and ethical/safe resources.

Remember who won the race lovelies, it wasn’t the hare.

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