Join us at Wilderness in 4 different ways

13 Jul Join us at Wilderness in 4 different ways

Join us at Wilderness Festival 2014: the multi-award winning 4-day festival combining live music, contemporary arts and an array of theatre, craftsmanship and dining experiences & we can’t wait to be part of it!


Wilderness Festival 2014. Image from

Wilderness Festival 2014. Image from


We will be taking part in 4 ways:


    1. Wilderness School workshop: 

      We even managed to have a little banner outside the Treasury in London about the injustice of tax dodging & how the Government can put policies in place to change that

      Example of one Mini Protest Banner hanging up outside the Treasury, London

      Introduction to Craftivism & how to make a Mini Protest Banner. Sunday 10th August 11:30am – 12:30pm. Price £12 (including a craftivism kit worth £10). Book your ticket hereRan by Founder of Craftivist Collective Sarah Corbett you will learn the classic skill of cross stitch whilst also learning how to use your talents, passions & actions to make the world a better place for people & planet. You will start creating a cross-stitched Mini Protest Banner about an issue you care about and hang it in a relevant public space to provoke thought and discussion. By making it small and hanging it off eye level, people have a sense that they have chosen to engage with the message, rather than it being forced upon them. Sarah will also tell you more about the benefits of her approach to craftivism and the methods you can use. Plus it’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and become craftivists together. All materials are provided including fabric, thread, needles, cable ties, a label, instructions and a kit to put them in to take home if you don’t finish the project. Plus additional Craftivist Collective products are available for purchase  after class (such as our Little Book of Craftivism and other craftivism kits).

    2. State of the Nation talk  at Secret Forum tent- talk & discussion with our founder Sarah Corbett:

      Secret Forum, Wilderness Festival

      A toolkit for a better century, this epic interactive tag-team roundtable town hall meeting brings together some of our best creative and political minds to openly discuss realistic options for change with the public. Expert witnesses present valid alternatives to giving up and dropping out. This is Question Time for the millennial doer, a toolkit for change and an antidote to the bullshit.

      George Monbiot (professional trouble-maker)
      Zoe Williams (writer, bon viveur)
      David Babbs (38 Degrees)
      Danni Pafford (Move Your Money)
      Sarah Corbett (craftivist)
      Ewa Jasiewicz (No Dash For Gas)
      Doug Richard (CEO School For Startups)
      Gregory Sams (chaos theorist)
      Ian Goldin (Director, Oxford Martin School)
      Oliver Burkeman (author of ‘The Antidote’)
      Robert Rowland Smith (writer, philosopher)
      And a very special guest soon to be announced!

      Hosted by Jolyon Rubinstein (The Revolution Will Be Televised)


    3. Now Live Events tent: talk & short craftivism activity by Sarah Corbett 

    4. NOW Live Events at Wilderness. Image by

      NOW Live Events at Wilderness. Image by

      Craftivist Collective’s founder Sarah Corbett presents a talk & practical workshop about craft as a meditative tool to stop, reflect and act on injustice issues in a transformative and gentle way, creating a free NOW craft momento to keep. NOW Live Events are back in the Wilderness this year with an even bigger programme of rejuvenation for all ages, designed to make us ditch our phones, stimulate our senses and jolt us back into the present through artistic activities. The NOW tent and other areas around the site will offer a place to engage with touch, taste, smell, sight and sound to savour the moment and lighten the mind. Through a celebration of literature, theatre, mindfulness meditation, performance, spoken word, visual arts, dance, feasting, poetry, wild swimming, music and workshops for children, we will be inviting the audience to experience the NOW.

    5. Part of the NOW Live Events installation recordings:

      NOW will also be creating specially inspired arts installations and an area to lie in the grass and listen to our NOW headphones, playing recordings of NOW authors and musings throughout the festival including our Founder Sarah Corbett.

  1. Wilderness Line Up. Source:

    Wilderness Line Up. Source:


If you cannot attend this event, don’t forget that you can still get involved 0n  your own or in a group using our craftivism kits, blogging about your activities for this website, commenting and sharing what we do.

We are a small social enterprise relying on your support to continue to exist to support you. 

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