Craft Crush #9 Rayna Fahey of Radical Cross Stitch

14 Sep Craft Crush #9 Rayna Fahey of Radical Cross Stitch

As the Craftivist Collective we love to showcase fellow craft-lovers who inspire us to keep crafting, teach us new craft skills & new ways of thinking and challenge us in how craft can be done, seen & have a positive mark on the world. These people keep me and the Craftivist Collective moving forward and growing and basically I have a big Craft Crush on them for that reason & want to celebrate their crafty brilliance with you so you can be inspired by them too.

Craft Crush #9 is…. Rayna Fahey!

Rayna is one of the original & most pioneering Craftivists in the world. When I started doing craftivism with my (super emo!) blog A Lonely Craftivist she was one of the first people to encourage, support & lovingly challenge me on this strange journey to be the best craftivist I can be and help serve others. Rayna’s radical cross stitch patterns have massively inspired me & I made one for my bathroom (here). I have re-read her zines: Hoopla a million times, shared them & keep them safe at home. Even though we are on other sides of the world (Rayna is in Melbourne Australia) I really feel like she is my Mummy Craftivist & friend and on top of that her craftivism is just so inspiring. She really puts the activism first and has the craft as the tool & that’s what I always strive to do. Look out for her fence stitching project spotlighted in my craftivism column in October’s issue 7 of Crafty Magazine too. I’m sure after watching her YouTube video & reading her answers you too will have a big Craft Crush on her like I do…
Rayna Fahey

Rayna Fahey

Name: Rayna Fahey @radicalxstitch

Website / blog:

What do you do? Seriously Subversive Stitching

What are your first memories of crafting? Other than sticky gluey projects my first real connection to the process that I’m now besotted with was a weaving project at school, aged about 10.  There was something hypnotizing about slowly working an image into reality, line by line. 

What inspires you?  My ancestors. Ancestors of craft, design and politics.  And all the incredible people out there working in their grassroots communities to make the world a better place.

IMG_1650lowWho do you have a craft crush on? Carrie Reichardt! I’ve just had the incredible honour of playing host to Carrie for a few days whilst she was visiting Australia. Her work, in particular her incredible solidarity is so inspiring. There’s a few other popping their heads up a lot: Leigh Bowery, Vali Myers, Sylvia Pankhurst, Ilse Acke, Silvia Heyden.
What three things could you not live without?  Fibre, family and food.How has craft been a positive influence for you, your community or society at large? In every conceivable way! Craft is such an integral part of my life and community. And we’re having a darn good go at taking craft to society too.

samplerfrsmlIf you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? Reforming our economic system so it values sustainable production over speculation.

Have you got any words of encouragement for our readers about the power of crafts? Culture is something you make, not something you buy. If you want the world to be a better place, go out and MAKE that world. 
Keep up to date with Rayna’s crafty adventures and activities at
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