Sarah’s Lost Lecture 15 minute talk “A Craftivist Story”

26 Aug Sarah’s Lost Lecture 15 minute talk “A Craftivist Story”

Ok so I have to admit I’ve been putting off sharing my filmed Lost Lecture I did waaaay back in March 2013 because it makes me cringe watching myself on a video (sorry Julian the Founder of Lost Lectures!) & I keep seeing mistakes and ways I could have spoken more clearly and succinctly. Plus I can hear on the film how nervous I was in front of the 500 sold out crowd, standing on a large stage at Battersea Arts Centre with my Britney Spears microphone strapped to my face & a big spotlight on me.  

Image courtesy of Lost Lectures

Tiny me on the big stage! Image courtesy of Lost Lectures

But there are 3 main reasons why I have decided to post a link to the Vimeo video: 

1. I secretly sent it to my brilliant sister last month to see if it really was too horrific to put up or if she thought it was useful for people to understand my story and what the Craftivist Collective aims to do. She said it was pretty good and said I should blog it. We both agreed on some parts I could improve on in future talks too which was super-helpful too. Thanks sis!:) x


The sold out crowd of 500 people settling in their seats ready for a night of Lost Lectures on the theme of ‘Lost Realities” Image courtesy of Lost Lectures

2. Yesterday Kerry of I Love Craft Kits commented on our Event blog about the talk and panel discussion I did at the Village Fair at Southbank Centre this weekend and said she missed my talk and asked was it online for her to watch. Sadly it wasn’t filmed but my talk was similar to this Lost Lectures talk so maybe Kerry will find this video helpful.


Me looking down because the spotlight was too bright to look up all the time. Image courtesy of Lost Lectures

3. I’m a perfectionist which isn’t always helpful and means I have lots of half done projects or completed ones I won’t show the world (including zines as well as craftivism projects). I have Crafter-Thought blogs in my head I don’t feel I can express on paper well enough & I hardly ever feel that my work is good enough to share. I’m trying to get better at just getting on with it and sharing what I do & think and I’m keen to read your constructive feedback to help me improve & to discuss some of the issues addressed. Sooo… I’m going to start as I mean to go on by sharing my Lost Lecture I did waaaay back on 22nd March 2013. Here goes (eek!) .Click here (vimeo won’t let me embed it grrr!) —> 

Sarah Corbett: ‘A Craftivist Story’ from The Lost Lectures on Vimeo.


Me on their theme of ‘Lost Realities’ taking about my reality of being a burnt-out activist then craftivist and how craftivism should be part of the activism tool kit in reality. Image courtesy of Lost Lectures

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