We love fashion but…

04 May We love fashion but…

but hate sweatshops & the ugly side of the fashion industry.

You probably saw in the news that over 500 people have been killed in the collapse of a building in Bangladesh which housed garment factories making clothes for Primark, Matalan, Mango, Bonmarche and other major brands. Over a thousand more have been injured in one of the worst industrial disasters of recent times. For me, was a shocking reminder that clothes and the fashion industry can create beautiful, innovative pieces of art & help us express our individuality but also still has a very ugly side to the industry that we shouldn’t ignore (however much we would like to). Please sign the urgent petition  to add to voice to change these awful practices. 

We are currently working with War on Want, Fabrications and Traid planning the “Upcycling Academy” at this Autumn’s Knitting & Stitching Shows to engage people in understanding more about the garment industry looking at unethical fashion, fashion’s impact on the environment and how we can use fabric to campaign creatively. So this incident has been close to our hearts and making our meetings very poignant. 

LFW Reiss mini banner

Primark, Matalan, Mango and Bonmarche make huge profits off the backs of workers in factories like these. How is that fair and just? We need to come together to encourage them to responsibility for their actions by ensuring justice for the workers and taking action to ensure this never happens again.

For the families who have lost relatives and the workers injured in this disaster, nothing can undo what they have lost. But as they face the terrible consequences of this tragedy it is vital that we offer our support to campaign and demand that they  are paid full compensation from these companies, including their lost earnings as well as put a spotlight on this awful side of the fashion industry don’t you think? 

The National Garment Workers’ Federation, has fought for many years for workers in the garment industry to be able to work safely. The hundreds of deaths from such horrific accidents are heart breaking for this trade union and others. We have an opportunity out of this awful incident to stop this negligence. The deaths of these workers could have been avoided if these companies took workers’ protection seriously. 

LFW 2012 Somerset HousePlease take action & show your solidarity now by calling on Primark, Matalan,Mango and Bonmarche to sign the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Agreement to prevent the future deaths of garment workers. It is such a simple action which would save so many lives. PETITION HERE

Also please take this time to reflect on what we can do as voters, consumers, shoppers, fashion-lovers and global citizens to not be part of the ugly & unethical side of the fashion but be part of the solution to make all of the industry beautiful.

As always, we will be encouraging people to make Mini Protest Banners around the time of London Fashion Week Sept 2013 to provoke consumers to think about the power they have as shoppers & hopefully lovingly challenge retail shop workers to think about how they can be part of changing this ugly side of the fashion industry. Check out what we did last year. Please join us in September and October to do this craftivism project 🙂 

Sarah x

More info on the collapse here: 

Craftivist Britain in a day-5


  • melaniewattsmosaics
    Posted at 19:21h, 04 May Reply

    Brilliant article, thank you

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  • Nina
    Posted at 22:29h, 04 May Reply

    So horrific, and it’s happened while there’s still a campaign going on to raise safety standards and get compensation for the families affected by the Tazreen factory fire. I recently heard someone complaining that clothes in New Look aren’t as cheap as Primark, and I commented that someone else somewhere was paying for all those cheap throw-away clothes. I really hope people seeing this disaster on the news are making the (direct!) connection between this and the stuff they buy.

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