Interested in what benefits people say they get from our craftivism workshops? Check out our short video here

29 May Interested in what benefits people say they get from our craftivism workshops? Check out our short video here


We often get emails from people who are frustrated that they can’t travel to our workshops because our workshops are not in their area or at the right time for them (sorry lovely Craftivists!). We are trying to tackle this challenge by applying for funding to train up some hardcore-Craftivistas in a craftivism bootcamp over a long weekend  so they can gain the confidence and skill to deliver talks and facilitate workshops in their area. Keep your fingers-crossed for us on that. Funding applications are tough! In the meantime we thought it might be helpful to show you an example of the type of workshop we do deliver and the benefits participants say they get from our method of craftivism. 

Using craft is not the only ingredient in our method of craftivism. Other elements are just as important & we try to address them all in our workshop  such as:

  1. Time and a safe space to help people think about how they can be their best selves, to put themselves in the shoes of people affected by injustices as well as those with the power to change the situation, time and space to think deeply about the issue we are addressing and the complexities within it as well as think about the power we all have as consumers, voters, friends, colleagues and how we can be great global citizens who don’t harm our planet or the people in it (sadly it’s often easier to harm people such as buying unethical products & we understandably often don’t want to think about the effect we are having on others through our actions we choose to take). 
  2. We focus on handicraft such as cross-stitch and handembroidery – craft that is a repetitive action that is a catalyst for meditation and focus. 
  3. All of our messaging has to be provocative, encouraging, positive and hopeful – never preaching, demonising or telling people what to do (again, this is difficult when you are passionate about an injustice but craftivism forces us to stop and think deeply about the best way to address an issue or person before we act)
  4. We focus on small & beautiful craftivism pieces rather than forcing our work on people in terms of size of the piece or the message we are conveying. We try and inspire rather than intimate. 
  5. Our form of craftivism is about personal and then political transformation over transaction : The Craftivist Collective is not about charity, donations or getting something in return, it’s about affecting change by provoking thought, discussion & action to address structures & actions that harm planet & people.

If you would like to book Sarah to deliver a workshop for your organisation/audience please email craftivistDOTcollective AT gmailDOTcom

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