Sooooo…. NYC = I need your advice please

21 Apr Sooooo…. NYC = I need your advice please




Sarah Corbett here asking my fellow craftivists (that’s you!) for your advice, solidarity & help pleeeeease.

So you might have noticed from my NYC themed images on Instagram and excited tweets that I am finally having a holiday after over a year and heading to New York City for 10 days on 10th May with 2 brilliant friends (who are also craftivistas woop woop!). I really feel I need to get away, breathe, rest and reflect on what’s happened over the last few years. I’m excited to have time to go to galleries, talks, workshops, read some books and cool magazines, wander around the park, go to some craft shops, craft for fun & hang out with my awesome mates.  


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But why I am really blogging is because I’ve decided to stay (after my friends go home on 20th May) until 10th June & I want to get your thoughts on an idea.

I’m hoping that being in New York, a hotbed of creativity, will inspire me and also give me much needed  head space to think about what the Craftivist Collective can do and be in the future to support people to use craft as tool to do activism and be their best selves. I’m going to write some more Crafterthoughts, scribble down thoughts for my craftivism column in Crafty Magazine and monthly blogs I do for Brave Discussion website and make some crafitvism pieces to leave around and give people & test out new crafitivism ideas- I can’t wait!:)  

The idea I want your advice on please:

My big (and super scary!) idea I keep thinking about is bringing our #popupcraftivist suitcase with me to NYC and sit in Union Square one Saturday or Sunday afternoon in June before I leave, for a few hours with either #imapiece jigsaw kitsfootprints project (see below image) or other craftivism projects & a blanket and humbly hope people want to join me. I could promote the time, place & activity beforehand encouraging people to come join me in some crafty activism or/& have a chat about craftivism, it’s benefits people find for themselves as makers, viewers and in the activism world. What do you think? Should I do it? What craftivism project should I focus on? Do you think people will come? Can you help me promote it online and through any contacts you have? 



  1. Is there anything else I should do in NYC whilst I am there to help me learn more that will help me with running the Craftivist Collective & inspire new ideas?
  2. Is there anyone you think I should ask to meet for a coffee or cake and discuss craft & craftivism with, working together or just learning from each others discussion?
  3. I could give a workshop somewhere (I’ve contacted Trade School NYC to see if they would find it useful and interested for me to do a workshop)- do you know any places that might want me to do deliver a workshop? 
  4. I could do some talks or discussions (I’m in talks with The New School University who are interested in me doing a talk & discussion with their students) – do you know any organisations, institutions or events this might be useful in?

I want to use my time in NYC as productively as possible and be as useful as possible for this craftivism movement whilst I am there. It might be that I just write, think, stitch and take time to do that alone or it might be that I meet with people, do some workshops, talks and discussions. What do you think I should do and do you think you could help me and the collective during this trip in anyway with contacts, promotional help or other ideas of what to do whilst I’m there? 🙂

All my respect, humility & solidarity

Sarah x

  • dalyactivist
    Posted at 21:46h, 23 April Reply

    Great plan – you’re so proactive and dedicated I’m always inspired. (Make sure you have time to rest and have fun as well though – after all your brain will be better for the world in the long run if you give it some peace and a well earned rest – you deserve it.) I loved Union Square! It was buzzing when I was there. Also – look up the market days because that’s when most people are there. The day I went that wasn’t market day was much quieter. Maybe ask one of the stall holders to give out leaflets directing people to where you’re sitting? I’ll keep thinking. Love and respect xxxx

    Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2013 03:16:30 +0000 To:

    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 06:35h, 24 April Reply

      Ooo thanks for the market tips hun & your kind words. I love the name of your blog!:)

  • lizzieme
    Posted at 16:50h, 25 April Reply

    Go to the tenement museum, it’s so so interesting 🙂

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