Crafty Magazine launches AND with a monthly Craftivism Column in from us!:)

17 Mar Crafty Magazine launches AND with a monthly Craftivism Column in from us!:)

coverOoo just look at the cover of the first issue of Crafty Magazine! I can’t wait to hold it in my hands, stroke it & secretly smell it when it comes out 28th March (in Tesco, Sainsburys & WH Smiths but we recommend you buy it in one of the independent retailers near you that sell it or subscribe if you can).

Yep as you know, I’m a total magazine (and zine) geeeeeek and when I have a rare day off my favourite thing to do is read a new beautiful & thoughtful creative magazine (with nice paper stock, a strong spine and a beautifully designed layout)- something like Oh Comely, Huck, Colors, Materialist, Stella, … the list could go on. I love searching for new magazines in my favourite magazine shop Wardour News in Soho & heading to zinefests for little treasures & meeting their makers. 

Craft magazines have definitely come a long way from being super twee patterns of teddies and flower cross stitch designs on the front. The likes of Mollie Makes & The Simply Things  have pioneered what craft magazines can look like to cater for the emerging craft scene wanting to push craft to new realms. And it’s always exciting to see more magazines are including crafty projects, features and columns in them too. 

It feels like perfect timing and fertile ground for Crafty Magazine to be born and I don’t think there is a better person than the craft-loving Editor Sarah Aide to give birth to it. She told us: 

“Crafty’s all about giving people fun yet useful projects, with the right mix of contemporary, retro and vintage style. We want to dispel the myth that arts and crafts are twee and traditional and nothing else. Just a look at the people who are making and designing at the moment and you know that the face of crafts has changed – and that’s where Crafty comes in. It really is the magazine for the new generation of crafter and we want to give these designer-makers something inspirational, really fun, interesting and truly cool – this is a magazine that has such broad appeal, even your boyfriend or husband will want to pick it up and have a leaf through. Hopefully we’ll get a few more men crafting as well!”

I’m really excited by Crafty Magazine! Why? Here are 3 reasons 

  1. Fellow Crafty Avengers Mr X Stitch and Perri Lewis are in it too!:) Perri has written a feature for issue 1 and Mr X has signed up to do a monthly column in the magazine showing craft ain’t just for girls or grannies – you just canadian online pharmacy legal know Jamie is going to spotlight some of the most cutting edge craft artists from around the world to keep us in the know. 
  2. The Editor Sarah Adie is awesome, a craft lover & brilliant visionary! She lives and works on this mag near Manchester, she is part of the exciting Manchester craft scene & is passionate about showing what craft can be and how it can push boundaries and change the world. Plus she has been covering our craftivism projects on her own blog Black Cat Originals for years now. I remember having a phone interview with her 2 years ago! 
  3. There will be a monthly CRAFTIVISM COLUMN 

    inside the print magazine! Eek!:) Don’t be put of that it’s me (Sarah C) that’s writing it *gulp*. I’m really excited for this opportunity to share my craftivism thoughts, advice, our activities & spotlight other craftivism activities from around the world. It will be hard to edit down what to say each month when I’ll want to say so much! Plus I’m sure it will be great for my whizzing brain to get some of my craftivism thoughts out on paper rather than staying in my little brain buzzing around like crazy bees!  

I asked Crafty Magazine Editor Sarah why she was keen to have a craftivism element in the magazine. Sarah said:

“When I was asked to be Editor of Crafty, one of the first things I did was earmark a page in the magazine dedicated to craftivism. As much fun as making is, being able to use your skills to help others and really enact change in this world is so worthwhile and the Craftivist Collective does such great work in this regard that I didn’t hesitate before asking Sarah Corbett to be a regular columnist. Crafty aims to inspire people in all areas of making – and their lives! – which is why I’m so excited to put the focus on craftivism in the magazine: if we’re inspiring people to use their crafty endeavours to make a difference, then we’re certainly doing something right!”

Issue 1 is out on 28th March & I urge you to go buy it, tell your friends about it and let us know what you think of the Craftivism column – you know I’m a weirdo that loves to be surrounded by critical friends giving constructive feedback so we can keep improving right? 

PS There is already a craftivism section on the Crafty Magazine website and that will have even more in too from us and other craftivism happenings around the globe- Don’t forget to keep an eye on that too!:)


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