We’ve reached our crowdfunding target! :) Woop woop!

03 Feb We’ve reached our crowdfunding target! :) Woop woop!

A big thanks to all our Craftivists, Craptivists & everyone else who has helped us reach our target so that we can get our Little Book of Craftivism published! 🙂 We did it and within the deadline. Go us! 🙂 Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 23.21.18It was a daunting project this one. As you know, we are pretty uncomfortable talking about money with people never mind asking for any *squirm*! We had 3 months to reach our target of $6000 to match fund Cicada Books so that they could take the risk and produce A Little Book of Craftivism with us (it’s a niche market and Cicada Books, although part of Thames & Hudson have limited budget like all publishing companies) and we reached our target with 1 day to go! 🙂 

Thanks to all 150 funders (including 101 buying the book with their name in!) and all those who blogged, tweeted, Facebook posted, emailed & spread the word about this project to their contacts the old fashioned way too. Without you all we couldn’t have made this happen. Thanks to our craft peers & #craftcrush ‘s who gave us lovely quotes to use to encourage people to fund our book: Perri Lewis, Lauren O’Farrell, Kim Smith, Rachael Matthews, Carrie Maclennan, Mr X Stitch, Thanks also to our friends who have experience in crowdfunding and marketing – You know who you are and I know you would be mortified if I typed canada pharmacy online best your name in this blog. Thanks for your invaluable words of wisdom, encouragement and time.  

We really hope that this book (that hopefully is out October 2013|) is a lovely small introduction to craftivism. Currently there are no small, light, image-heavy craftivism books out there. There are academic books and big craft books for the hardcore craftsters (and we love them!) but we want this little book that you can buy with coffee money, to be something that attractive to pick up flick through and get an idea of what craftivism is, a little book that’s accessible and not too heavy (in both senses of the word). We hope that this little book can start people on their journey of becoming a craftivist or just being aware of this beautiful positive way of doing activism. We hope it creates discussion, people buy copies as small presents for each other or share it with others, we hope people flick through them on the toilet or when they see it on someone’s coffee table. We hope our little book of craftivism pops up in peoples homes, offices, lovely shops etc so people can be inspired and provoked by our images, text and projects. 

Now we’ve just gotta go make it! Eek! 

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