Why the world need a Little Book of Craftivism

17 Dec Why the world need a Little Book of Craftivism

 “This will be a brilliant little book from the inspiring Craftivist Collective showing how folks can become handmade heroes. It’s an ace way to encourage people to use their craft skills to shape a better world for everyone. Help make it happen!” Deadly Knitshade

We’ve told you what we’re planning (see this post HERE), now we want to tell you why. Why is it time to publish a Little Book of Craftivism, and why does the world need to read it? Most importantly, why do we need – and want – to make this a group effort?


Without sounding uber-arrogant, which is not our style, our voice is being amplified by the spotlight shining on us as a leading force in the craftivism movement. We’ve been in numerous books (and will be in some more this year) and loadsa magazines (just head over to our Media Page to see a few examples) – including being named one of the five new tribes of 2012 by The Times. Now we want to use the voice we have to support this movement and help it grow.

 “I think that if you manage to get the book into production it might just transform into something really rather important and just a ‘lil bit groundbreaking.” Carrie McClennan, Made in the Shade 


Currently there are no small, light, image-heavy craftivism books out there. There are academic books and big craft books for the hardcore craftsters (and we love them!) but we want to create a little book that you can buy with coffee money, flick through and get an idea of what craftivism is, a little book that’s accessible and not too heavy (in both senses of the word). 

“An investment in this book, makes you part of something which will grow.”Rachael Matthews, Prick Your Finger 


Craft is a growing scene – around one in five British women have tried a new craft activity for the first time in the last year, and there has been a 500% rise in the sales of sewing machines! Now is the perfect time for our Little Book of Craftiivsm to tap into this, and help craftsters to think of craft differently – as a tool to make a real positive change in themselve and society.

“Now’s the time to get involved, before it’s too late. Occupy Craft, dammit!”Mr X Stitch 


Yes, I’m quoting David Cameron (*gulp*!). We believe this book will give people a gateway into being part of a movement which is an ever-growing, strong and powerful force for good in the world. It will literally be made by the craft and craftivism movement because we are asking for you to put your money where your mouth is. A list in the back of the book, of everyone who has supported the project financially, will show what a powerful and positive force we all are.

“The Craftivist Collective is the best thing out there! I fully support all of Sarah’s projects and it will be very exciting to see this book form!”Kim Smith, ArtEqualsHappy


Don’t you wanna show your granny what a beautiful craftivism movement you are part of and then show your own grandkids in the future? The (morbid) question I always ask myself is,”Will I feel happy on my death bed, knowing that I’ve tried my hardest to be part of fulfilling the world’s potential and leaving a positive mark?” Well, with this book, everyone involved can feel that way, don’t you think?

“The best books aren’t written by someone who just knows a topic, they’re written by someone who lives it.”Craft journalist & author, Perri Lewis

 So whether you are a hardcore craftivist who wants your name in the back of the book to show your kids in generations to come, a business who wants to show your support, or simply someone who has been stuck for what Christmas present to buy your mate – we have until 1st February (eek!) for you to show your support and spread the word. Please join us in making this book a reality.


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