#imapiece says clean street artist Moose!:)

21 Dec #imapiece says clean street artist Moose!:)

Whatever you want to call the art Paul Curtis (Moose!) does: reverse graffiti, clean graffiti, grime writing, clean tagging (he prefers the last two) we think it’s beautiful! I’ve (Sarah C) been a fan of his for nearly 10 years ago when I first saw his work in a magazine. So when he said he liked what we were doing I got proper star-struck and didn’t reply for a little while. We started talking about how we try & use art to show how beautiful the world can be to encourage us all to strive for fulfilling the potential of this world. Then I plucked up the courage to ask him if he fancied helping our #imapiece Craftivist Jigsaw project. He said he would love to! *phew* so as well as him stitching a piece for the installation in March (he dabbled in a bit of textiles at art college!) we got cracking on this little project to engage more people in the #imapiece project and hopefully get them to join in (we need as many jigsaws and people involved as possible please!):

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MSEwyMhd6I]

What you think?

For more info on Moose check out: http://www.symbollix.com/

Plus I’m going to interview him for a new series of blogs starting 2013 called #CraftCrush so watch this space for that 🙂

PS don’t forget to sign the Race Against Hunger petition here and get stitching! 🙂


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