#imapiece of the Week featuring @TheSavvyCraftster

08 Dec #imapiece of the Week featuring @TheSavvyCraftster

CHarlie jigsawWelcome to ‘#imapiece of the week’, our weekly blog post showcasing some of the beautiful and thoughtful jigsaw pieces made by craftsters around the U.K in support of our Craftivist jigsaw Project for Save The Children’s Race Against Hunger (please, pretty please sign the quick epetition here). This week we have the uber-crafty Charlie 🙂 

Name: Charlie Moorby (aka The Savvy Crafter)

LocationBath – CrossStitcher magazine HQ 

Craft of choiceCross stitching!

Who are you and what do you do? I am the Commissioning Editor for CrossStitcher magazine by day and The Savvy Crafter blogger by night. I’m a journalist who likes social networking, cross stitching, collecting buttons and drinking coffee.

How do you get into craft? I’ve always been crafty, loved art at school, would rather draw a picture than write down words – and I’m much better at that anyway. I left university and decided that I wanted to be journalist, but in a sector I actually felt excited about – craft publishing. I’ve had various jobs in between university and CrossStitcher, but they’ve always had a hands-on element. 

Why did you decide to get involved in the Jigsaw project? Because child hunger is something that needs to be addressed. I was fortunate in my upbringing but many are not. This is my way of saying that we all deserve the best the world can offer. I may not be politically minded, or know a great deal about politics, but I can stitch. This is my little way of being involved, in a way that I feel comfortable with.

What have you stitched on your piece and why? I’ve stitched the words ‘Children are our Future. Let’s feed their imagination.’ It’s simple – food feeds the soul and gives us the energy we need to live, love and learn the world. Without that, how are we expected to thrive? No child should have to go hungry. 

What do you love about craftivism?I love the satisfaction that comes with making a point without the use of anger, violence or crime. Simple words or actions – expressed through craft  – feel more effective. When you’re crafting something by hand, it takes time. Not like a quick violent punch. Instead you have to nurture your piece, all the while giving thought to the very cause you’re fighting for.  

For more info on the lovely Charlie check out her website: www.thesavvycrafter.com, tweet her @TheSavvyCrafter or find her on Facebook: facebook.com/thesavvycrafter

And if you would like one of your Craftivist Jigsaw’s to be a Piece of the Week here contact us at CraftivistDOTcollectiveATgmailDOTcom 🙂 And get involved! #imapiece are you? 🙂


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