#imapiece Indonesia trip vlog3: still figuring out what I’m thinking of what I’ve seen

17 Nov #imapiece Indonesia trip vlog3: still figuring out what I’m thinking of what I’ve seen

So I made this 3rd Vlog about the Indonesia trip whilst I was there but the internet kept failing the last 3 days I was in Indonesia. I got back to London this morning at 7am. Although it’s a few days old & I’m back home, hopefully it still gives you an idea of what I was thinking about after experiencing a few more days seeing the work Save the Children have been doing with local people to tackle poverty and child malnutrition. I’m going to do my final Indonesia trip vlog tomorrow once my brain has rested. This project is a learning experience us Crafty Avengers who went on the trip but also for many of our craft community members and craftivists don’t you think? I hope you don’t mind that I”m writing and thinking out loud so we can all discuss the issues canadian online pharmacy together & get each other thinking. Poverty as we know is complicated, woven into local context and linked to many other issues like gender, conflict, corruption, self belief etc so there often isn’t a clear one answer/solution. These vlogs show my physical journey as well as mental journey to understand why 30% of children in Indonesia are malnourished, what Save the Children, local and national government and communities are doing to tackle it & what our role is as global citizens to strive to get this percentage to 0%.

As always do share & use the comments area. Check out our Craftivist Jigsaw #imapiece site for ¬†all the info you need to make your Craftivist Jigsaws as well as where to sign Save the Children’s online petition.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcsdbTREtrY]

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