#imapiece vlog #2: I’m actually here in Indonesia!

11 Nov #imapiece vlog #2: I’m actually here in Indonesia!

Hey craftivistas 🙂 I can’t believe I’m actually here. It was confirmed May 2012 that Save the Children UK where going to take me and some crafty avengers (Mr X Stitch (Jamie), Deadly Knitshade (Lauren) & Hilary from CraftBlogUK) on a trip with them to see the incredible longterm sustainable work they do with communities to tackle poverty and child malnutrition alongside our Craftivist Jigsaw project to support their Race Against Hunger campaign (please sign epetition here). Feels like so long ago but also only yesterday.

We are all feeling pretty shattered after flying for nearly the whole of 2 days straight with short breaks. Me and Lauren get travel sick so we both took sickness tablets and didn’t realise they were going to turn us into zombies for hours but we did manage to get some stitching, chatting and reading done before we did the embarrassing sleeping-in-a-car wobbily-head look. Classy.

Here is my second vlog – I think I’m going to have to continue to do them on my iPhone as one shot because the internet isn’t great here and I don’t have the time or software to do snazzy videos, sorry :s I’m also going to try and write a diary and take photos of the pages. My brain jumps around a lot from one theme to another and to different questions and thoughts, so for me, being able to doodle on pages helps me formulate what I’m staying and might help you understand where I’m coming from… maybe :s we shall see!:)

So here is vlog number 2. As always please comment, share, question and use it as a discussion starter. Gotta go to bed now! All my love, friendship, respect and crafty solidarity lovely craftivists :)x

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kPId78Jh1Y]

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