Calling all Craftivists and Craptivists: We are making a Little Book of Craftivism but need your help & support (please!)

14 Nov Calling all Craftivists and Craptivists: We are making a Little Book of Craftivism but need your help & support (please!)

Written by Sarah Corbett  

Before you say or think “I knew at some point you were going to ask for my money you sneaky Craftivists you” please hear us out (and read the link here.)

Yes we are asking for your money but it’s more than that. We are not asking you to make us profit (it won’t!) or to fund something that’s not needed and we are just greedy. It’s not just asking you for money. We are asking you to join us in building something collaboratively within our beautiful craft and craftivism community.

We have been given the opportunity to work with a publishing house we love (Cicada), an Editor we hugely respect (Ziggy Hanor) and who completely believes in the power of craftivism. We  think it would be a great little book for the world to have, to introduce people to the beauty of craftivism  and it’s a great way the craft and craftivism community can come together (like we are so good at) and create something beautiful together. Cicada is part of Thames and Hudson who understandably think that this book is a bit too niche for them to put up all the money- it’s a risk for them. We could have shopped around and have been offered the full wack for the book but we prefered Cicada over other publishing houses. When the alternative is not having a little book at all or having it fully funded but with big strings attached, collaborators who don’t full believe or ‘get’ what we are all trying to do and not giving you a chance to get involved (with your name listed as a contributor in the back of the book!:) we went for this option.

I’ve been nervous to put up this blog post because it is asking for money but we had some great comments on our Facebook Group encouraging me to do a blogpost and talk positively about this opportunity and many of you have already donated your money and left gorgeous comments on our crowdfunding page. In a way I really do see this part-funded book as a blessing because it gives us all the opportunity to support and create this book together and hopefully it will help grow the craftivism movement we are part of 🙂

So whether you are a hardcore craftivist who wants your name in the back of the book to show your kids in generations to come, you’re a business who wants to show your support, you are a Craptivist who has been waiting for an opportunity to show your support without picking up a needle or you’ve been stuck for what Christmas present to buy your mate- we have less than 80 days for you to show your support and spread the word. Please join us in making this book a reality 🙂

You can make a contribution here.


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