Hmm not sure I like my new cross stitch chair. What do you think?

07 Oct Hmm not sure I like my new cross stitch chair. What do you think?


So you might have seen on Instagram (search and follow ‘Craftivists’), Facebook and Flickr that I cross-stitched a chair in Hub Westminster recently where I’m based 2 days a week. Hub is an awesome workspace for people doing social innovation, to work amongst like minded people (it can be lonely working on your own), support and encourage each other and sometimes collaborate with each other where possible. Hub Westminster is situated on a floor of the New Zealand Embassy on the corner of Pall Mall and Haymarket. I mentioned their chairs where mesh fabric and therefore perfect to cross-stitch. They really encouraged me to cross-stitch their chairs so I got cracking on my first one. I tried to make an iMotion stop frame animation of the process but it ended up bigger than I thought and taking more time than I thought (9 hours!) so my computer’s battery died before I finished :s

To be honest I’m not sure I like the final product. What do you think? I love the quote but I think it’s too big of a design. The Craftivist Collective projects are all about cute, non-threatening small pieces to entice people into getting close up to read and engage with them and feel special noticing them. Our projects are also a reaction to large preachy ways of activism. Even some crafts like giant homemade union banners can come across aggressive and talking at people rather than provoking an equal respectful dialogue.

Luckily people on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have said they really like it, even the mighty Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching (wow!); but I think the next one I do will be much smaller. Maybe a little Superman with a speech bubble saying “Oi, get up please, I can’t save the world on my own. I need your help!” what you think? Even though the text is a bit confrontational I think the size and image of little superman will make it cute no?

As always, your constructive thoughts and comments are always appreciated 🙂 x

Written by Sarah Corbett 

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