We launched our Craftivist Jam event at Spitalfields City Farm!

26 Jun We launched our Craftivist Jam event at Spitalfields City Farm!

So my shoulders are still recovering from being sunburnt at our lovely Craftivist Jam stitch-in launch event last Sunday at Spitalfields City Farm. We had 10 amazing craftivists, 3 lovely bands and over 40 crafty bloggers, craft group members, craft book authors and just intrigued crafty  people discussing Christine’s Story and how it inspired this project, Oxfam’s GROW campaign and how they feel they can be part of the food solution not problem. It was such a lovely day and we all stayed 2pm until the end at 5pm.

We are currently editing our little video of the event to show you how we delivered the stitch-in (hopefully it will give you tips on how you can do it too!), hear some of the discussions people had and some of the responses from craftsters who took part. In the meantime one of our lovely craft blogger attendees Kim (0f ArtEqualsHappy blog) who has now converted into a hardcore craftivist (woop woop!) made this which we think sums up the feel of the event really well. Thanks Kim! 🙂

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPpJxyJm4Ls]

For all of the resources and help you need to deliver this project on your own or in a group go here

Check out some of the write ups from our craft blogger friends who attended here:


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