London Craftivists experience of making alternative Valentines Cards on a snowy day in a craft shop’s basement

27 Feb London Craftivists experience of making alternative Valentines Cards on a snowy day in a craft shop’s basement

Craftivist Vicky Tedder writes:

On a cold February day the Craftivist Collective gave a warm welcome to encourage us to show the world our love.

Meeting in the stylish basement of Fabrications there was a fun and relaxed event which allowed us to think about what we want to do to improve our world whilst encouraging others to do the same, oh and having lots of fun with a heat gun!

This valentines project involved using shrink plastic to make key rings as valentines presents which were then left for strangers find along with a letter encouraging them to show a little more love to the world this valentine’s day rather than just a significant other.

The key rings themselves were very technically simple to make involving all the childish fun of drawing, colouring in, cutting out and putting the hole in the corner (a step some of us forgot once.. ahem..) but then can the scary bit of using a heat gun to shrink down our hearts into sturdy plastic key rings. Although this could be stressful it all came right in the end (just keep going on all those curly bits!) and then with the addition of the metal ring part they were online pharmacy business plan ready to face whatever adventures they would see with their new owners.

The letters accompanying our creations were the hardest bit for most of us. Although we clearly know things we want to happen in the world for each of us to concretely pledge what we were going to do about it was but challenging but also so needed. It brought home the power we all have to make changes and that these changes are not only about encouraging others but actually doing it ourselves.

Over all this was an event which gave us all the opportunity to try something different or at least something we haven’t done in a long time whilst considering our own impacts on the world and what we could do to make it a better place. This of course came alongside the tea, biscuits and friendly chats that always occur with the Craftivist Collective. Once I was done and the time was drawing on I left in the heavy snow with my envelopes and presents which I then placed in around my town just before Valentine’s day. Hopefully whoever picks it up gets the same enjoyment and prompting to considering their impact that we did making them.

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