Lets hijack valentines!

06 Feb Lets hijack valentines!

Words by Barley Massey, the owner of craft shop Fabrications, London:

A giant love letter has elegantly floated into Fabrications window this month in time for Valentines day. It is stopping passers by in their tracks, my favorite reaction was 2 small boys who stood, pointed and smiled lots.

They ran off and brought back their parents to read it – brilliant! Keep
recruiting boys!!

Originally created by Sarah Corbett (founder of the Craftivist Colective)
for a public craftivism workshop during Tracy Emin’s ‘Love is what you want’
show at the Hayward Gallery last summer. The letter and workshop urged
participants to “show their love through action to their global neighbour
struggling in this unjust world”. Participants pledged different acts of
love they would carry out locally or globally by writing down their action
on a luggage label.
This giant letter has become a chain letter, having recently travelled back
from independent bookshop’s window ‘News from Nowhere’ window in Liverpool and now is at Fabrications urging passers by to stop, think and act!

It has also been a great display that promotes 2 special craftivism events,
we are hosting here:

This Thursday 9th February, 6 – 9pm:
Open studio and ‘Hijacking valentines preparation session’.
All are welcome to join the London craftivists in this fun and friendly
session in creating valentine’s cards and crafted gifts which will be left
out in the street in various nooks and crannies to be found by unsuspecting
members of the public, beautiful and gentle reminders to ‘show some love’.
You don’t need to be in a relationship to receive one of these!

During the evening you will also be able to meet Sarah Corbett, a real
inspiration and a very friendly lady! She is running a
‘mini protest banner making’ workshop at Fabrications on
Sunday 19th March, 2 – 4.30pm which focuses on the history of craftivism,
it’s benefits and how it can create change through thought provoking, non
threatening, crafty action. She will also be teaching practical skills in
how to interpret text and design in cross stitch and embroidery to create
slogans with impact. If you’re interested in attending please contact us to
book in!

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