We agree with Godmother of Craftivism: Betsy Greer

15 Dec We agree with Godmother of Craftivism: Betsy Greer

Betsy Greer coined the term ‘Craftivism’ in 2003 and from the start we have always checked in with Betsy to make sure our projects are still a form of craftivism and not something else (like upcycling or just craft). She is an amazing supporter, adviser and friend as well as a huge inspiration for our craftivists. One of the many talents Betsy has is explaining acts of craftivism in a clear and concise way (much better than us, sorry!) so when she blogged about a Facebook post we send regarding the print (above) we sold we really wanted to share her thoughtful words with you. Her blog also explains why we don’t prioritise going to Occupations to do craftivism stitch-ins even though people presume we should be there.

Craftivism is starting a conversation

Dec 15th, 2011

The quote below was written by Sarah Corbett regarding the work of the always inspiring Craftivist Collective, which she posted on her Facebook page yesterday.

Just heard that one of the Craftivist Collective prints was bought for a banker and the banker canadian online pharmacy fast shipping emailed the giver to say thanks providing a good discussion starter with his wife. Hopefully, those discussions will turn into action and challenging the bank system from within.

This is the heart of craftivism.

Changing the thoughts of those against you, moving outside of preaching to the choir.

In keeping with a metaphor: When you’re preaching to the choir, no one new gets to heaven. I.e., you may be working, but not working hard enough.

As Craftivists, crafters, artists, one of our roles is to make people think. All kinds of people, especially those that disagree with us. As the CC quote mentions above, our pieces can work as “conversation starters,” meaning it allows both sides to enter a conversation, not a shouting match.”

Thanks for putting into words what we struggle to Betsy. Dear read, if you haven’t already please subscribe to www.craftivism.com/blog 

BTW: the print that was bought was the one below. You can see the original image here


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