Give your friends/family a gift from the Craftivist Collective this Christmas (if you HAVE to buy presents that is!)

05 Nov Give your friends/family a gift from the Craftivist Collective this Christmas (if you HAVE to buy presents that is!)

Giving an original gift from our online shop this Christmas is a fantastic way to highlight global injustice in a fun and hands-on way over the Christmas period.

So as you have probably guessed, we love making things and try our hardest not to buy stuff we don’t need. Therefore we are encouraging fellow craftivists and supporters not to buy unethical gifts or feel the pressure into showing your love for your family and friends through buying them stuff they don’t need (and sometimes they don’t want!). But… hopefully this doesn’t come across contradictory… if you really do need to buy people presents then why not take it as an opportunity to provoke conversation about injustice over your Christmas period buy giving them one of our gifts and/or give them a craftivism kit to make during their time off work and become a Craftivist in 2012?!

We are selling postcards and gift cards as well as mini protest banner kits to make at home. Currently you can buy our products at independent book shop News from Nowhere in Liverpool and on our Folksy online shop. We are currently in talks with a few craft shops who are keen to sell them. We are passionate to get our kits in to shops where people may not know that craftivism is a form of activism they can get involved in and where customers browsing the store may not expect to be provoked to think about their global neighbours and injustices happening in the world that we need to continue to fight. For  example we will also have a stall at the Christmas BUST Craftacular on 27th November in London which has hundreds of craft-addicts drooling over beautiful handmade craft gifts. Come and check out our stall and say hello 😉 We will also be doing a Mini Protest Banner workshop and demonstration to help promote the craft book we are in called The State of Craft.

Soon we will also have badges and prints to also provoke conversation about injustice issues: you can choose to wear one saying “I”m a Craftivist” and talk about what you do when people ask you about your badge. Alternatively you can wear a badge saying “I’m a Craptivist”. This is for people who may not enjoy crafting or don’t have time to become a craftivist (and therefore are ‘crap’) but they support the movement by buying the postcards, gift cards or completed pieces of craftivism and therefore get our messages out into the world in some shape or form. We love our ‘craptivist’ supporters so hopefully people will think it’s fun to be a ‘craptivist’ and it will be a talking point.

As well as bringing happiness to the recipient all profits go to support the collective to continue and grow bigger and stronger.

These gifts feature messages, highlighting global issues including climate change, labour exploitation, and gender inequality. 

We hope to use our love to craft to make people sit up and think about global poverty and human rights injustices in a fun, creative and thought-provoking way, and have fans worldwide, with our work being seen around the world, including LA and Melbourne.

And just a few weeks ago, mini-protest banners were tied to lamp posts and railings surrounding London’s fashion week, hoping to make people think about the side of fashion that is often too easily dismissed, highlighting key facts such as the exploitation of many of the people who make highstreet fashion.

For just £10 (plus P&P), you can buy a kit to make your own mini-protest banner including fabric, cross stitch aida, needle, and thread, and display a banner in your hometown.

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