Join Robin Hood and his merry craftivists for French TV!

25 Jun Join Robin Hood and his merry craftivists for French TV!

Where: Paper Dress Boutique, London. When: Wednesday 20th July 6:30pm-9pm. RSVP: craftivist-collective[at]hotmail[dot]com. 20 people max Cost: £3

Why are we doing this one off event? We are still angry with the vast inequality in the world: the impacted of the recession are hitting everyone harder every day yet the bank are slowing getting attacked less and less.

And the French TV Channel called Canal+ wants to film a craftivism session and we thought it was a great opportunity to raise awareness of UK anger towards the banks, show our support for the Robin Hood Tax (which the French Finance Minister has already publically supported)

We will stitch our banners with banker themed facts, quotes and slogans (we will offer some suggestions but please bring your own too!) whilst drinking tea and eating homemade cake in this beautiful independent boutique in Shoreditch called Paper Dress Boutique. We have used this venue in the past. See images here

We will then provide you with hats and masks to dress up as Robin Hood and his merry Craftivists and leave the cafe to head to the City and put up our mini protest banners near the banks ready for bankers to see the following morning. Please support Robin Hood Tax.

Numbers are limited to 20 people so please RSVP to craftivist-collective [at] hotmail [dot] com to get a place. Please bring £3 to cover costs

It would be awesome if you could come with a completed or half finished banner linking in to the Robin Hood Tax. If you can’t attend then could you contact us to post your completed mini protest banner to us by 19th July and we can put them up for you. Here are some suggestions to put on your banners:

  • Small change for the banks, big difference for the world. Turning a crisis for the banks into an opportunity for the world.
  • Just 7 days of a Robin Hood Tax could pay for every child in the world to read.
  • Just 30 minutes of a Robin Hood Tax could pay for the entire healthcare budget of Sierra Leone.
  • Just one minute of a Robin Hood Tax could vaccinate 1.5 million children.
  • Just one minute of a  Robin Hood Tax could pay for 23 midwives.
  • Just one minute of a Robin Hood Tax could raise over 3,000 houses above flood level.

(These figures are based on a global RHT bringing in $400bn/£250bn a year). 

  • Never has so much money been owed by so few to so many – mervyn king.
  • Pre-crash banking was 26 times more profitable than the average industry. Well not at pre-crisis levels, the financial sector has well and truly bounced back, and the profits and bonus pot for 2011 is likely to be between $600 billion and a $1,000 billion worldwide.
  • The total bonus pot for 2010 in the City of London reached £6.7 billion. This is enough to vaccinate 22 million children, or pay the salaries of 316,000 nurses in the UK.
  • craftyfrayededges
    Posted at 16:07h, 27 June Reply

    What a brilliant idea. Sadly as I’m in Glasgow I can’t join you but would love to send a wee banner. Is there an optimum size?


    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 18:32h, 27 June Reply

      That would be great! 🙂 preferably 4inches tall by 6inches wide. If you could post it to us before 7th July we can add a label and eyelets and put it up for you. Please email us on craftivist-collectiv[at] hotmail [dot] com for the address. thanks so much! Don’t forget you could dublicate this event in Glasgow and we have some Glasgow contacts who I’m sure would like to be invovled.

    • Craftivist Collective
      Posted at 22:12h, 19 October Reply

      OMG did you take that picture? Does that mean that our little banner was still hanging up at Bank? Thanks for your support 🙂

    Posted at 06:58h, 18 September Reply

    Thank you very much for that excellent article

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