Our part in the Climate Rush Railway Adventures action Saturday 16th April

15 Apr Our part in the Climate Rush Railway Adventures action Saturday 16th April

In case people are not clear:

The Railway Adventures joint campaign with Climate Rush has always been two actions led by the different groups. We are supporting the campaign with our train bunting petition and stitch-ins we had last weekend, 10th April. Climate Rush are delivering their train journey action Saturday 16th April.

On 16th April we are encouraging Craftivists and friends to meet at Monument, London 12noon Saturday 16th April. We have made 25 metres of train bunting with the carriages  received so far (more will come in the post no doubt) which we will carry on the walk with Climate Rush to the train station. Then we will wave them off with our bunting (and collect another day) and not get on the train discount online pharmacy uk with them.

Because of our aims, mission and target audience we, as a Collective will not be joining Climate Rush’s train trip tomorrow. We will be waving them off with luck and respect and handing over the train bunting to be used during the trip to open up dialogue about these issues with the public in a non-threatening way.

If you want to take the train trip action we will not stop you but please respect the Collective and do not join in as a craftivist representative but rather an individual.

I hope the above makes sense and you understand our our part in this joint campaign which is to deliver the stitch-ins in stations and create the train bunting petition


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