10th April: Crafting a train of bunting to campaign for Fair Fares!

11 Mar 10th April: Crafting a train of bunting to campaign for Fair Fares!




Craftivist Collective are so excited to be working with the wonderful Climate Rush on a join project called Railway Adventure

As part of the campaign to fight for fair transport fares the craftivists want you!

On Sunday 10th April Craftivists up and down the country will be sitting in train stations crafting away to raise awareness of excessive rises in train fares. We will be crafting 4inch deep x 7inches wide fabric train coaches (bunting patches) with stats, facts, quotes, and our views on the devastating effects these train fare hikes will have on a cheap and sustainable transport policy. All bunting carriages need to be posted to the Craftivist Collective in time for it to be sewn together into a long train petition for our big adventure on the 16th April. We need your help to make this the longest and prettiest train bunting ever!

This is a national event and a great opportunity for craftivists to get involved, speak to passers by and capture media attention to our campaign. Why not get together with a group of your friends and run your own craftivism train station session on the 10th April wherever you are in the UK?- we will help with resources, advice, templates, instructions etc (if you are busy on the 10th you can still help and post your bunting coaches)


For those of you based in London Join us at 2pm on Sunday 10th April at King’s Cross to sit on a picnic blanket, drink tea and eat our jam sandwiches whilst crafting petitions in the shape of train carriages. We will have all resources needed but it would be great if you could bring scissors, thread, fabric and even completed carriages with you if possible. Find the Facebook event here.

Across the UK other craftivists will be doing the same in their area on the same day at the same time. Join us in this non-threatening, kitsch but thought provoking craftivism project. So far we have the events happening on the 10th April 2pm in stations in Brighton, Sheffield, Coventry , Birmingham, Bangor, Dorset,Leeds, Bristol, London, Manchester, Devon and Cornwall. If you want to do it in your area please email craftivist-collective [at] hotmail dot com and we will help you set it up!

We want people to craft 4inch deep x 7inches wide fabric train coaches (patches a little like our Mini Protest Banners) with stats, facts, quotes, views on the devastating effects that train fare hikes will have on the nation and world, find examples here. Please help us make this petition bunting. Cross stitch, hand embroider, write in fabric pens, whatever you can to get the issues out.

Support is here:

  • Here is a document to help get local press coverage of your event on the 10th: CAPTURE LOCAL MEDIA it includes a press release template
  • Find some examples of the carriages here
  • Go here to see images of the flyers you can use to give out at the Stitch-Ins on the 10th to explain our project- email us for the PDFs
  • Here is the poster you can use to advertise your local Stitch-In. Email to recieve the PDF. Feel free to add on local info
  • We are currently producing an instructions video, and everything else you need. Watch this space for more support

http://craftivist-collective.com/ email: craftivist-collective[at]hotmail.dot.com for PDFs etc

Approximately 4 inches tall and 7 inches wide. Made on cotton (I’ve used iron on bondaweb between two bits of fabric to make it stiffer and not fray easily but you don’t have to). This one is going to be hand embroidered but you could use fabric paint/pens or cross stitch. Up to you!:)

The train bunting petitions created at the Stitch-In’s across the UK on the 10th will all be stitched together to be used on our train adventure on the 16th here:

  • Viv Manning
    Posted at 22:17h, 11 March Reply

    I’d like to make some carriages for you! I notice from looking at the mini protest banners on Flickr that they have grommet (?) holes in for stringing up but have no idea how to do this! Also, the love the Craftivist Collective labels…
    Not sure if I know any local stitchers who would get involved making the banners/carriages on the train with me but should I at least get some photos of me sewing them in situ?
    I think this is SUCH an important issue. And I love trains 🙂
    Best wishes
    Viv x

  • Craftivist Collective
    Posted at 01:17h, 12 March Reply

    Hey Viv. So glad you want to get involved. Do you think you could get a group together to craft together in stations either on platforms, trains or waiting rooms? We always find that’s the best way to engage the public in dialogue about the issues and having a photo of it would be ace! If it’s not possible we are still keen to have your carriage bunting come through in the post and a photo of you sewing definitely!: ) We will have some examples up asap. They don’t need eyelets (grommets) and they dont need the Craftivist Labels. If you have any more questions just shout 🙂 xxx

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