Newcastle craftivists hijack valentines day including making their own envelopes (!)

26 Feb Newcastle craftivists hijack valentines day including making their own envelopes (!)

Newcastle craftivist Hannah Rose reviews their valentines craftivism here:

Newcastle heard rumour of a plan to hijack Valentines Day and had to be involved!
Excited to carry on the Crafitivist collective’s inspiring project we started screen printing paper, making posters and going out get more people involved. We organised a drop in session with The Star and Shadow’s Canny little Library ( in combination with their letter writing day.

The two things worked well together especially as their envelope making workshop left us with spares we could recruit. Many people turned up throughout the day, getting involved in the practical side as much as the surrounding discussions on inequality, global community, and Valentines Day.

At 7.30 people began to arrive to watch a film in the cinema so the remaining excited craftivists hurriedly transported the letters, envelopes, portable oven etc across the road to finish. The evening ended in us sitting on a studio floor putting all the packets together, sharing out the letters and planning where to take them the next day.

On reflection the session created a nice space to think, chat and share. One person at the session wrote:

‘I lament the loss of letter writing, my friends and I are probably the last generation to have shoeboxes full of letters to each other that we dug out and could reminisce with or laugh at. We had no email or mobile phones then.’

Hopefully the people who found the letters can’t just delete them like an email or text. The letters stand testament to an issue, which can be reopened and revisited any day and everyday.


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