Manchester Oxfam Student Society join us in hijacking Valentines Day 2011

13 Feb Manchester Oxfam Student Society join us in hijacking Valentines Day 2011

Blog by Jemma O’Brien of Manchester Oxfam Society

The tables were set, scissors and glue lined up nicely, ribbon and fabric cut into even chunks, felt tips and coloured pencils at the ready, tissue paper, crepe paper, heart hole punch put in the middle (not as sinister as it sounds) big cards, small cards, envelopes, come to think of it, we’d completely wiped out the craft store. Now the people, were they going to come ‘get their craft on’ as one girl said? Yes! They came, hoorah! First through the door, three wonderful boys! At first slightly bewildered at the masses of crafty goods before them, they took their seats and went for it (not quite duck to water standard, one just stared at his card in confusion for a while) and by the time they had to leave to go ‘do science’ we had several beautiful cards made with their fair hands. But what are we doing here in this small top room of Manchester University?

In conjunction with the Craftivist Collective we are bringing their ‘Hijack Valentine’s Day’ project to the streets of Manchester. Hand making anonymous cards we are urging it’s unsuspecting recipient to spread their sweet love to all globally and not just that special someone. To be conscientiously littered about on Valentines Day these hand crafted cards will work their way into an unknowns hand (and heart?!) Some contain short and sweet messages, others lengthier, some contain leaflets some don’t, each individually made with the same objective, to expand our thoughts to those less fortunate than us who won’t be getting a box of chocolates, flowers or a candlelit dinner this Valentine’s Day.

More and more filtered through our doors, some staying for the duration, others donating their lunch hour between lectures and even a group of friends on their way swimming popped in to make cards. Over cups of tea friendships flourished, phone numbers were exchanged, future Manchester craftivist meet ups arranged! Who knew ey?! A total mix up was encountered, boys, girls, an incredibly artistically talented couple of friends popped in, a computing student, and individuals, who quickly bonded with others over the sharing of PVA. The variety was evident in the cards produced too! Some simple, some ominously ransom note looking, some completely over the top, pop ups and 3D, you name it we’ve got a card for it.

After the 2 hours, we cleared up and left the room with the floor giving away our prior presence, ribbon, paper and fabric slivers EVERYWHERE! Now for distribution on Monday, who knows where these little beauts will end up. How exciting.

Thanks Jemma and her fellow Manchester Craftivists for being part of this project. Go look for their cards on Valentines Day!

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