Leeds ActiveARTs members join us in hijacking valentines day

20 Feb Leeds ActiveARTs members join us in hijacking valentines day

Leeds ActiveARTS is a new group founded by young artist and campaigner, Lana Johnson. We are proud to know that their first workshop they did was to deliver our Valentines project. They held their Alternative Valentine’s Day workshop at REMADE in Leeds Hyde Park, at 6.00PM on MONDAY 31ST JANUARY. at dusk on Monday 14th February the delivered them across Leeds!

The workshop was held at a cool little vintage shop in Hyde Park, Leeds called Remade. We are very pleased to report that it was a huge success! ActiveARTS group members and friends gathered around to chat, eat cookies and create shrink wrap key rings for our ‘Alternative Valentine’s Day’ cards. Everybody created a love heart with a personalised message reminding you to spread the love.

The love heart keyrings we made will be placed inside alternative Valentine’s Day cards to be left out for the public, all over Leeds this Valentine’s Day.  Instead of the usual stigma associated with Valentine’s Day, we want to show and spread neighbourly and global love!

Who are Leeds ActiveARTS?
Leeds ActiveARTS was made for and consists of people who are creative types! This may include aspiring graphic designers, performance artists, illustrators, photographers, film makers, fashion designers, advertisers or any other creative people who are interested in collaborating together for projects insipred by local and global issues.

Lana says “I believe as young artists we need to be the voice of the cultural future and there is no way better to begin this journey but by creating a greater community dynamic within our art world.”

The aim of the group is to come together and create a platform in order for our voices to be heard. By staging events, exhibitions and making contacts, we can grow as a movement and as a community. We are young creative adults who are the voice of the next generation, so let’s get together and inspire change, not later but now!

If you are interested in joining Leeds ActiveARTS, please click here and join the facebook group. Don’t be shy, they are all really friendly!! We hope to work with them again

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