Bunting to encourage discussion on gender inequality

19 Feb Bunting to encourage discussion on gender inequality

By Craftivist Sarah Corbett

Anyone who knows me knows that I would love this website to be like Miranda July’s site Learning to Love you More. This amazing multi-talented artist, actress, film director and author creates assignments each month on this website to encourage people to show they care for each other and show the beautiful side of all life (one assignment says take a photograph of underneath your bed- the results of what people have sent in are lovely).

My favourite assignment she has put out is “assignment no.63: Make an Encouraging Banner”. ¬†Above is a photograph of some bunting I made for a fundraising event I am doing to raise money for Oxfam’s programme work they do with women on issues relating to gender inequality. Women all over the UK are encouraged by Oxfam to ‘Have a Bit of a Do’ to raise money and awareness of women in the world who can’t do certain things: can’t set up their own business because they are not seen as equal to men or for security reasons, can’t read or write because as a child they were kept at home to clean, cook and farm whilst their brothers received and education… the list sadly goes on.

I can’t remember where the quote is from but I have seen “Become Who You Are” in a few places, cards, websites etc. I wrote it on a post-it on my wall to encourage me to be the best person I can be and improve my skills and talents to try and help improve the world with others whilst I am still part of this earth. I find it encouraging and it motivates me too.

My fundraiser is going to be a pop up cafe in my flat around the time of 8th March- International Womens Day. I can’t wait to offer people crumpets, cakes and a variety of tea in exchange for a small fee and table service from my 5 waitresses in funky aprons. My Ipod will be available as a ‘duke box’ to pick a song and give a donation. I have 2 friends performing acoustic sets and showing the freedoms they have that others don’t. A comedienne friend will be telling jokes to anyone offering ¬£1 for each joke and hopefully my bunting will get people thinking about their potential and how we can keep fighting so that our global neighbours can reach their potential without the barriers of money, education, trade tariffs, discrimination and war getting in their way.

Why not make your own ‘encouraging bunting’ and see what discussions come out of it.

  • Margo
    Posted at 22:26h, 15 March Reply

    I keep thinking about this banner, and the message, since seeing it at your wonderful ‘do. It’s a great piece of work, thank you for sharing it with us.

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