Valentines Letter template:

14 Jan Valentines Letter template:

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Please use this letter for our Valentines Project and sign your name at the bottom before you go and hide them in places like this

14th February 2011

To my Valentine,

Every year February 14th comes around and provides us with a beautiful opportunity to show someone we care about them: most of the time we direct that love at just one person. This year I want to encourage you not to limit that extraordinary capacity we have to just one person, but to love the world. Join us in hijacking Valentines Day and show cheap online pharmacy usa that the world is your valentine.

I don’t want your box of chocolates, card or flowers. Actions speak louder than those. In return for my love letter and gift to you please show your love by taking action:

In the name of love, brighten up someone’s day and remind them of our global community and inspire them to get stirred up to think about how the poorest people in the world are being affected by climate change, despite having contributed the least to the problem.

With love…

Member of Craftivist Collective

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