Tatty Devine design for our Valentines Project

14 Jan Tatty Devine design for our Valentines Project

Here is the heart design that the lovely ladies of Tatty Devine have kindly designed for our Valentines Project for free to be used as the keyring gift in each hidden valentines letter. We are encouraging people to make the keyring out of Shrink Plastic and write in the scroll one of the following slogans ‘Love the Earth’, ‘Love your World’ or ‘Show your Love’. If you have a better slogan that fits in the scroll that still fits in with our objectives of asking people show love to people living in poverty affected by climate change please insert your own. However, please do respect the collective and do not use this design or project for your own reasons or go against our manifesto (we have had that happen in the past *sniff sniff*)


  1. Print out the design approximately 11cm wide by 9cm tall with the thickness of the lines being about 2mm
  2. Put a piece of shrink plastic over the top to trace the design (some shrink plastic sheets may need to be sanded before hand)
  3. use permanent marker or coloured pencil to fill in the red and black colours and write in small marker around the edge of the keyring (see keyring photograph below) “love from Craftivist Collective”
  4. cut around the design as close as you can to the edge
  5. use a hole puncher to punch out the whole in white in top right hand corner
  6. place on foil on a baking tray in a warm oven or use a heat tool to shrink the design until it is approximately 4cm wide by 3cm tall and is flat.
  7. leave under a heavy book for a few minutes to set flat.
  8. place the keyring through the hole at the top and close using jewellery pliers
  9. If you use permanent pens or crayon you can make the keyring design more durable by sealing the colour in with a layer of clear nail varnish. Leave to dry
  10. place the keyring in with the valentines letter in your red envelope and sign your signature on the letter.
  11. Add value to the letter and gift by hand writing on the bottom of the letter that the gift is handmade, home-baked and limited edition: this is a great way to promote the finder into thinking what goes into making something, the cost of everything being someone’s time, skill and emotion and hopefully it will also give people a sense of being part of something: having a connection.
  12. Go find somewhere sneaky to place the envelope. Ideas can be found here

Optional: ¬†Instead of spending money on keyrings you could find single links from salvaged broken jewellry and make your own keyring or mobile phone accessory, zipper pull – just add extra instructions in with the letter so the finder could decide what to turn your heart into. It could be the ‘key’ to their ¬†heart, a tag for when you ‘love to talk’ or a fastener pull to ‘open up’ their heart

For the template letter go here

For the instructions video go here (TBC)

For more information go here

If you are stuck please contact us on craftivist-collective[at] hotmail dot com

Have fun! ūüôā


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